Every Day In May – Day 21

Going through my past posts and picking favorites seemed like an easy task but it’s really not. I wasn’t sure how many to pick without going overboard. I mean I could have just put down my website and said READ THEM ALL! Instead I divided them into a few categories.

First I’ll start with the posts that get the most views. A couple of these were on my list of favorite potentials.

Meanwhile back on the ranch…
*I’m not sure if I attract a lot of potheads to my site or if people are just curious about the legalization. Either way this picture still makes me laugh.
Every Day In May – Day 1
*This one surprised me but then it was the first day of the challenge and that’s when everyone is really excited about it and looking at new people’s blogs.
Little lady in the park after dark is actually a stupid blonde
Are aardvarks actually awesome?
Honeybee Heaven
Reflections of an A-Z Challenge
*This also lists the top 6 from my A-Z Challenge
Unexpected Unicorns
*Featuring guess blogger Stella
Mr. Worldwide needs some new slang

This is my list of favorites. There are a few obvious ones that I had a blast writing and love to go back to read them again. Sometimes I’ll forget about something I wrote from a while ago and I’ll see that someone read it recently so I will go back to check it out. And yes I’m one of those people that laughs at my own stuff. 🙂

If I were a CO detector, where would I be?
This girl is on fire
Seeking treatment for serious Bejeweled addiction
A blind blonde and a banjo

I also picked my favorite videos from Wacky Wednesday.
Wacky Wednesday – November 28
Wacky Wednesday – December 5

W’s favorite
For the love of LEGO


2 thoughts on “Every Day In May – Day 21

  1. Hi Ruby!! Mollie from Mollie & Alfie’s blog asked me to contact you to let you know YOU were the highest bidder on #12 the Black and Sparkly Cat Pin! YAY! My Mom donated that pin so I’m writing to ask you to please have your human email her at junekimm@aol.com so she can let you know how to pay Leo’s FosterMom for your item AND get your mailing address so we can send your pin to you! You won the pin for $12.00 (just in case you lost track!!).

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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