Every Day In May – Day 22

This is my soapbox rant, annoyance, etc.


It’s that time of year again. The weather is beautiful and people are going on more outings and bringing your dog along is common. And it seems that no matter how much public awareness there is people still leave their dog in the car when it’s hot. I take Zu with me almost everywhere and have no problems leaving her in the car if my venture is 10 minutes or less, ONLY if the weather is cool, windy, etc AND there is shaded parking.

I just don’t get why people do it! Even a few minutes on a hot day is too long. You wouldn’t leave a child in a hot car so why would you leave a pet?? I talk about the police & fire aspects of my job but we also work with Animal Control and during hot days its not uncommon to take more calls about dogs left in cars than any police matter. We will check on any dog left in a car when the temperature is 60 or higher. Anything lower we base on whether the dog appears to be in distress.

We’ve already had high 80’s temps and its not even June. Which means this summer is probably going to be a HOT one again. So please, please DON’T LEAVE YOUR DOG (or any other pet) IN YOUR CAR!!


6 thoughts on “Every Day In May – Day 22

  1. NOTE TO EVERYONE READING THIS: If you do run across a dog or a child in a car on a hot day, CALL THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY! There is no time to think about it – – – make the call! Every second counts and you can save a life by doing this. I did just that last year and the police came and got the dog out of the car, and they waited for the owner to arrive and they got in big trouble. (not sure what the police did to the owner, but I did my good deed and helped save a dogs life) This is such a great post and informative, thanks again for reminding all of us to be on the look out. We never take our dogs with us when it is hot outside, rather leave them home in the AC.

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