Every Day In May – Day 30

Letting Go

Letting Go

Those two words can have so much meaning and mean so many different things. To me letting go is what keeps my marriage strong. I’ve often said before that I don’t give advice very often but if anyone ever asks me for advice concerning marriage or asks how we have been together for so long those words are my answer. Let it go. And when you do make sure you mean it and make sure things stay that way. W and I have been together just shy of 11 years and I’ve found that after everything we’ve been through it’s the little things that often hurt us the most. Because if we can’t let the little things go they become bigger and bigger until there’s no easy way to fix them.

Here are some other letting go possibilities.

Letting yourself go.

Being let go at work

Let(‘s) go

As always, thanks to E-cards for providing today’s humor.


One thought on “Every Day In May – Day 30

  1. The little things become the big ones. Oh yes. And how easily they grow with you thinking you’re doing the right thing. I’ve found that communication helps which then ultimately leads to letting it go. And I suck at that. SUCK. But I’m working on it and I guess that’s what matters most. 🙂

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