Playing Doggie Bingo

We FINALLY accomplished one card of Park Day 2.0 bingo from Terrier Torrent. It was a lot harder than I thought. Mainly because the kite eluded us for so long! And as it turns out it’s not even what completed our bingo card. We ended up finding a geocache first.


Like Deidre’s K9 Naturals on Facebook.


Find a monument or sculpture.
For this one we ended up finding both. We ventured out to visit the sculpture “Human Spirit” which is a short walk from our house.


We inadvertently ended up at the Traveling Vietnam War Memorial when we took Zu to the dog park on Monday.
TVWM photo

We knew the park would be busy because of the holiday but unbeknownst to us that particular park was where the memorial had been set up. That’s what we get for not having tv and cancelling our newspaper subscription. It was way too busy to let Zu pose by herself so yours truly is posing with her.

Park Bench – Free Square
zu photo

Find a geocache.

geocache zu photo

Visit your nearest body of water.

Visit a park less than 10 minutes from your house.
We live across the street from a park so going to that one seemed too easy. We walked to a nearby park instead.


Like Cloud Star on Facebook.
 As I was looking over the squares I realized I could make another line by liking Cloud Star. So we have two bingo’s!


Spot a squirrel. (Or five.)
This is by far the easiest spot on any card for us. We have a squirrel that hangs out in the tree next to our bedroom window and occasionally he jumps into the sill.
Untitled Untitled

Talk a walk in a nature preserve.

Since we spent so much time trying to find a complete line I’m going to add the other two squares as well.

Find a person flying a kite.

Find flowers.


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