Every Day In May – Day 31

a vivid memory

My memory is finishing the Rock N’ Roll half marathon last September. I found my medal while cleaning the house so it happened to be on my mind and it seemed fitting because I’m complete one challenge with a story of how I completed another.

Can we do it again?!

We have the medal now let's go home!

I read stories of people who run marathons or 50k’s or ultras and I think to myself 13 miles is nothing. But when I’m actually running “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING” occasionally crosses my mind. During the race we passed or were near to our car several times and we joked several times we could just call it quits and go home. There were only a few times I panicked that I couldn’t do it and would never finish but most of the time I felt on top of the world.

Crossing the finish line was the best feeling in the world. I cried. Not only was I so happy to finally be done but I had done something I set out to do. After the finish line I met up with W (who being 10x faster than me ran the last mile ahead of me), then sucked down a bottle of water, Gatorade and chocolate milk in between eating fruit, a bagel, breakfast burrito and a Jimmy Johns sub. We paused briefly to get some pictures taken and collect another round of food before collapsing in the grass (and dusting the salt off).

We only had around 45 minutes to rest because we were flying to Chicago to see my sister only two hours later. We did a quick change in the parking lot in the middle of downtown Denver and then we were off for the airport. We were exhausted and probably smelled  looked disgusting. It was a great day though and one of my favorite memories and will hopefully be able to do it again this fall!


And with that I finished Blog Every Day In May! We made it! And I only missed one day but since I intentionally skipped it because of 2 other posts that day I say technically I completed it. Tomorrow I’ll reflect but for today I’m done! Woo hoo!


7 thoughts on “Every Day In May – Day 31

  1. I ran a marathon last year and I had the same thoughts of “am I crazy” crossing my mind a few times. At the end of the marathon I had such an amazing sense of accomplishment. Not sure I would do another one though!

  2. Such a familiar line of thought! My friends and I were seriously undertrained for our last half in March and I can’t tell you how tempting it was to have my dad take me home when we passed him at mile 8. But we finished! And then pigged out on some much deserved Waffle House 🙂 Gotta love greasy diner food after a race.

    • I was 90% prepared but there are always little things on that inaugural half. Definitely love diner food or all food after a race. There’s nothing so satisfying as inhaling everything in sight 🙂

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