Blog Every Day In May: An End Has Come

Well May has come to an end which means the Blog Every Day In May challenge is done! Having completed a previous daily post challenge I found it really wasn’t that hard to blog every day. My biggest challenge was finding the right time to post about other things. There were times when so much had happened and posting everything on the same day seemed like blog overload! So hopefully that didn’t happen too much.

Last, but not least, I picked some favorites from the challenge.

Every Day In May – Day 3
Every Day In May – Day 4
Every Day In May – Day 7
Every Day In May – Day 10
Every Day In May – Day 14

I’ve opted not to do any writing challenges in June. I have several family members coming to visit next week so the first couple of weeks will be hectic and then W is going out of town on a trip with friends so things will be pretty boring. Instead of writing every day I’m going to do a photo challenge that gives a prompt for each day. Posting a picture will be easier than having a daily written post. Plus I purchased a new camera recently and am excited to try it out on something other than the cats and ZuZu.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the challenge and have a happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “Blog Every Day In May: An End Has Come

  1. It is hard sometimes to do a blog post every day. I stay at home and keep the house in order, sell on eBay, and take care of our four-legged girls, Nikita & Bella, and I am swamped with just the things that I need to get done in a day. Not to mention how many times I vacuum up dog hair during the day. I don’t know if I could have found the time to do a post each and every day, but I give you lots of kudos for completing the challenge! Way to go!

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