Playing information catch up!

Today’s post has no real value other than to tell everyone of a few things I’ve been meaning to mention or post but have forgotten. And I’m sorry about post overload today (all 3 of them) but I keep meaning to post this and usually end up forgetting.

First, I was going to post a picture of the prompts for photo a day so you can see what’s happening but I forgot. No fear, here it is!

June Photo a Day

Second, we finally have a Facebook page! I debated for a long time making a page for Me, You and Zu. We all saw how long it took for me to actually figure out Twitter. I finally went for it though because many different blog things involve Facebook and I was tired of being left out! Since I know everyone is dying would love to join us I attached a nice little link at the top of the page. I’ve also added Bloglovin’ for an easy way to follow.

And last but certainly not least. Zu and I will be running the Fire Hydrant 5K this weekend to benefit the Larimer County Humane Society. We try to attend every year and have so much fun getting some exercise while meeting other dogs and their humans. Every year we do a little campaign to raise money for the Humane Society. Last year the race happened to be on the same day the High Park fire started and Humane Society spent the next several weeks helping care for over 600 displaced pets. This year they are petitioning to build a bigger shelter to be able to accommodate more animals. This is one of the few races I go out of my way to raise money for because it is a cause near and dear to my heart. So for anyone who wants to donate (no pressure, I’ll still love you if you don’t 😉 ) I’ve included the link here.  You can even “participate” in the race by being a Cat Napper which gives you the opportunity to stay home but still get the t-shirt! Don’t worry if you can’t donate now, donations for the race are accepted through June 30 and I’ll be posting about it again.

See, I told you there wasn’t going to be much in here but thanks for reading anyway 🙂 I’ve worked 60 hours in the last 6 days so I’m taking a well deserved break tomorrow with a pitcher of margaritas, my husband and the pool.


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