This Ain’t Hollywood

IMG_2234But lately it seems like it. The cast of Dear Eleanor (due out in 2014) has been filming throughout Boulder County and last night they were shooting two blocks from work. My friend was able to meet Jessica Alba and send us a picture! Josh Lucas and Luke Wilson were also there.  I had only read bits & pieces about the movie before they were in town and I’ll be curious to see how much of Longmont they actually use in the movie. Too bad I have to wait another year. I actually had no idea any of this had been happening until the other day. Since I live 45 minutes away from Longmont and I don’t have any television channels I’m often out of the loop so I drove by it oblivious to what was going on. It was interesting to see a film location and know the behind the scenes stuff. I’m on vacation now so they’ll probably be done shooting the film by the time I get back…but at least I got to see a little bit!


She was not a fan of her party hat.

Yesterday was ZuZu’s birthday! She’s the big 0-5. Instead of buying her more toys like we usually do I’m going to donate the money we would have spent to the Humane Society. So we celebrated with hugs & kisses this year and of course ice cream! Frosty Paws for Zu and the good, real stuff for the humans. W took her on a walk to the park to finish off the day. All in all I think she had a wonderful birthday.

Our Fire Hydrant 5K is tomorrow so we’ll have lots to post about in the next few days! I’m up to 1.6 miles straight before I have to stop and walk for a while. Little by little… Wish us luck!

Have a safe & happy weekend!

Let's party!

Let’s party!



3 thoughts on “This Ain’t Hollywood

  1. Happy Birthday, ZuZu! I hope you guys enjoy your 5k tomorrow!

    I have such a thing for Josh Lucas 🙂 I finally saw Trouble with the Curve this week. One of my favorite bars here in Athens is in it, which was pretty cool. It’s so much fun to recognize scenery in movies!

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