A week without posts equals one really big post.

Wow. I went an entire week without posting because of family visiting. Since the end of March I have blogged every single day, some days two or three times, so it’s been nice to take a little break. Of course that means this post is going to be a little long and have lots of pictures.

My parents came out first and cheered ZuZu and I on at the Fire Hydrant 5K last Saturday.
Fire Hydrant 5K
Me You and Zu
Kisses ZuZu
LCHS Start

It was a great morning to be out running. The temperature was a little cooler this year and it was windy which kept us cool on our trek. There are plenty of water bowls and swimming pools along the way and a lot of the residents put out water dishes at the end of their driveways which was really nice of them! As usual Zu stopped to take a dip in each pool. Don’t mind my finger in the picture at mile 2, I was trying to run and take that picture at the same time.

On the road shaking
Firehydrant Mile 2

Along the way we met another dog named Zuzu who was from Slovakia. Her owner told me she had wanted a Slovakian name and had loved Zuzu. I looked it up later and found that Zuzu is a nickname of Zuzana which originates from Susana. (My Zu is from It’s A Wonderful Life for those who don’t know). So we got some exercise and learned something new along the way.

Big Finish
Weiner dog Dog in stroller

After the race we headed to the pet expo to get some snacks and check out the vendors. Her vet and one of her camp counselors were there and she spent a great deal of time giving kisses to her friends. We spotted the Chik-Fil-A mascot roaming around and Zu flipped out causing all dogs within a 20 foot radius to start barking.
Meet the vet Pet Expo

Each year a booth offers paw painting which I always do and Zu never enjoys but she’s a trooper and patiently waits for it to be over.
Paw painting

On Sunday my parents and I took in a Rockies game while we waited for the rest of the group to arrive. The hubby bowed out because he was suffering from a virus that knocked him out for a couple days.
The rest of the week flew by. We took a drive through the Poudre Canyon…

Toured New Belgium Brewery…


And spent the rest of the week in Estes Park roaming through the mountains.
My cousins must have been good luck because I’ve never seen so much wildlife and I spend a lot of time in the mountains. We’ve only ever seen bighorn sheep in the canyon so it was fun to see the herd that lives in the park. And since we don’t get over to the west side of the mountains very often this was my first time seeing moose. It was a great week and so much fun to spend time with family that I very rarely see.

Whew! That didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would. Now I just need to catch up on June photo a day. And while I’m thinking of things I need to catch up on I wanted to mention I was nominated for the Sunshine Award by Janice at My Time To Write. I started the post about it a couple weeks ago but I got busy preparing for my family that I haven’t finished it. So thank you to Janice in the meantime!! It’s coming, I swear!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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