The Return of the Pink Sticks

I’ve been a bit behind on my photo a day this week because my foot has been bothering me to the point that I spent the entire week on the couch with an icepack and bottle of Tylenol. It was perfect timing (although I suppose there’s never really a good time to hurt your foot…) because W and his friends road-tripped to Ohio to ride roller coasters so I only had to get off the couch to take Zu to the park. The pain was getting a bit more intense when I walked but I wasn’t terribly worried until Friday, while icing my foot, I noticed that one of the screw heads was more apparent than before. Somewhat concerned I went in to see the doctor yesterday and we discovered one of the screws in my foot is broken. Ultimately this means I need removal surgery to get them out. Since it’s the weekend I’m not able to call to schedule an appointment with the surgeon until tomorrow or Tuesday. In the meantime (until the screws are officially out) I’ve had to bust out my favorite pink sticks again. The doctor says any pressure on my foot can cause the screw to become displaced and cause more problems.

DSC_0021It’s only been a few months but already I’ve forgotten how much work it takes using them. This time around will be an experience (read: disaster). We planned our first camping trip for this week and since it’s already paid for we’re still going. I don’t think it will be too bad since we cancelled our hike and will probably just hang around the campsite with the dog. However, I feel disaster will strike this coming weekend. I’m flying to Chicago to see my sister and we’re driving to Milwaukee to attend Summerfest. I’ve never had to fly with crutches, let alone fly by myself with crutches. Luckily Google had some answers for me so I’m going to call United this week and see what I can arrange.

For the meantime I’m taking a hiatus from photo a day. I’ll probably post them all together at the end of the month…which now that I look at the calendar is only a week away. I’ll be back in a few days to report how camping with crutches goes!


10 thoughts on “The Return of the Pink Sticks

  1. Ugh, I flew with crutches from Munich to Lisbon and then Lisbon to Denver. What a nightmare…see if you can get upgraded. Do you have to keep it elevated? That’s a problem. The airport porters are awesome.

    • That is a long time to be flying with crutches! I can only imagine how miserable it must have been. Luckily I don’t have to keep it elevated all the time and the flight is only a couple hours. The airline was nice enough to wheel me around the airport and upgrade me to a seat with more leg room. Fingers crossed this trip goes smoothly 🙂

    • I never used to be a fan of the color, it used to be too girlie for me but something girlie triggered in me and now I can’t get enough pink!

  2. Oh booo! I hope you can get an appointment in soon! I’ll actually be in Fort Collins this weekend, through the 4th! I guess we’ll miss each other though.

    (You wouldn’t happen to know of anyone who’s hiring at the moment would you? I hope to be able to fit in some job interviews while I’m there. I’m good for receptionist/office manager type work or a barista/hostess/server kind of gig as well!)

    • I don’t know of many jobs off hand. I think Poudre Valley Hospital had some openings for admin assistant but I don’t know when they are interviewing. I’ll definitely keep my eye out for something and email you if I see anything! Have a great trip, enjoy your time here!

  3. This is totally random! But I was writing a funny blog post about running with your dog, and I googled images and somehow came across one that you posted, “tripping over the dog” and I laughed out loud! I used it on my blog, but linked straight back to your blog, hopefully that’s ok! Not sure how I even came across that picture! If you want me to take it down, I will, no problem 🙂 I couldn’t find your contact information, so I thought I’d just comment! Best of luck post-surgery!! Feel better!!

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