The Grand Finale of Gus

I survived the surgery to remove the screws! It’s a really quick procedure, it only takes about half an hour, but you’re awake during the whole thing. I knew this going into it so my mind was racing with what the pain would feel like. Knowing it was an easy surgery with a relatively short recovery eased my mind but around 4 AM I started to panic a little. This whole time I kept telling myself that I didn’t need to worry about how much it might hurt because it was still weeks away, then days away, but all of the sudden here it was! The only thing that kept me sane was knowing my foot would feel so much better once this was all over…and the nap I took helped too. I had to be there an hour ahead of time and luckily we only had to sit a few minutes in the waiting room.


There was no IV this time (thank God) and because I had worn shorts and a tank top they let me keep them on under the gown which was comforting when I was standing in the doorway of the restroom trying to figure out if I could find the toilet and sink in the pitch dark since the light switch was broken. A nurse walking by happened to see me and directed me to the one down the hall. Back in my room I settled in my comfy chair to wait. The nurse had turned the lights off so my tired husband did his best not to fall asleep.

My doctor and the nurse who would be in the room came in right before 12:30 to draw on my foot and go over everything that would happen. He freaked me out a little when he said that while they would numb my foot I would still feel something. When I was finally in the room we went through the whole process of hooking me up to monitor blood pressure, oxygen, etc and cover me with those really warm blankets. They also had to have an x-ray blanket because they would be using the x-ray machine a few times during the surgery. The nurse had to take my glasses because of the electric current from the x-ray machine which actually turned out okay because they asked if I wanted to look but I used the excuse that I’m blind as a bat. I won’t go into a lot detail because I find most people get grossed out by how vivid I get so I’ll just say it hurt. They told me each time they were starting to take a screw out so I’d be prepared. There was A LOT of pressure and felt exactly like someone was taking screws out of my foot. At one point I swore at the doctor who told me one of them was stuck. To keep my mind off the pain and to keep me breathing naturally the nurse and surgical assistant talked and joked with me which I was really thankful for. When it was all over I told them they all owed me a shot of whiskey which I think should be complimentary if you have to be awake during a surgery. 😛

Back in my room another nurse went over the post instructions, etc while Wayne went to get the car. When we left we made our customary stop at Dairy Queen so I could get my Oreo Blizzard for the drive home.

Compared to the original surgery the pain is a lot less. It still feels like someone was beating my foot with a hammer though. Pain meds and TV help forget about it! I finally finished the second season of “The Killing” and now I think I might start “Revenge.” My friend has been telling me its really good so I think I’ll give it a try. I’ve got lots of lazy time ahead of me so I’ll be posting again soon! Hope everyone has had a good week!


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