Lazy day blogging

At the end of June I came across a July Blog Challenge from last year at Run Principessa. Even though it’s not current I thought the questions were kind of fun. I saved it thinking I might do a daily challenge but we all know that didn’t happen. To give me something to do this afternoon I picked through a few questions.

DSC_0058 This picture has no relevance to this post other than this is how we’re spending our day.

What was the last movie you saw in theaters?

We saw Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University at the drive in theater this past weekend. It was a perfect night until it started raining during the last 20 minutes of Monsters University. Thankfully it waited until the credits to start its downpour. It came down so hard we could barely see the road to drive home.

I would watch any movie with those minions in it. I love them!

What’s your food philosophy?

Try to eat as healthy as you can and eat bad foods in moderation. Unless you’re gorging on them don’t be so hard on yourself when you crave something sweet or salty.

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Rich or healthy?

While I’d love to be so rich I could roll in money (like Scrooge McDuck) I’d have to go with being healthy. Although, these days, to eat healthy you almost have to be rich to afford the good stuff.

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Birth marks? Scars? Tattoos? Piercings?

I have no birth marks but I have scars everywhere! Most of them I got while being a rowdy child. I was a tomboy growing up, always into something that ended with spilled blood and injury.  There are lots of little ones on my hand from an adventure with scissors as a little kid. Then there are more little ones on my toes from the time I decided to bike ride without shoes and got my foot stuck in the pedal. There’s a giant scar on my knee from scrapping my knee on the cement after a girl tripping me during an elementary kickball game. The only ones I’ve received as an adult are the ugly ones that come from having numerous surgeries on my feet.

I have one tattoo of a dragonfly on the left side of my rib cage.As for piercings I have only my ears pierced; when I was younger I wanted to get a belly button ring to be rebellious but I never did and I’m so thankful today. I also thought briefly about getting a nose ring but I didn’t because I don’t like the thought of something being in my nose. I’d probably be messing with it all the time and it would probably end up something like this…

What’s 1 thing you’ve never done that most people have?

This one had me stumped for a while. Google helped me brainstorm and once I got going I was on a roll so I’m listing more than one.

I’ve never seen any of the Godfather movies. I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon. I’ve never smoked marijuana even though I now legally can. I’ve never been to Mexico. I never met my paternal grandfather or my maternal grandmother; they both died before my sister and I were born.

Childhood celebrity crush?

I was in love with Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys. I had pictures of him plastered all over my bedroom wall. Looking at those same pictures now I have to wonder what was I thinking??

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Unfortunately I was a 90’s boy-band obsessed teenager and even though BSB was my first love I enjoyed ‘N Sync and soon added their magazine pictures to my wall.

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Morning routine?

Depending on the day I have two different types of morning routines. On the weekend my morning routine usually consists of sleeping in then taking the dog to the park. If it’s a work day I have 2 mornings. My first “morning” is at night. If I’m lucky I usually sleep until 4 pm. When Wayne gets home from work we take Zu to the park for a while then come home and catch up on our TV shows. We eat dinner late and I pack a small lunch consisting of an assortment of snacks. Two days a week I leave early so I can stop at Starbucks. When the real morning rolls around I get off work, drive the hour home and take the dog to the park so she can run around before I go to sleep.

6 thoughts on “Lazy day blogging

    • My love of running usually helps with my love of junk food so being down a foot has helped my donut belly grow ;). You only live once so you may as well enjoy the good food, right?

  1. Hahaha, yes to so many of these! Oh Brian… My food philosophy is pretty much the same, though I definitely do the e-card thing too. Not that I keep unhealthy food around very often, but I definitely have the mindset of “I can’t throw it away so if I just go ahead and eat it all it will be gone.” I wanted a nose piercing too, but I couldn’t figure out how it would work with the allergies I grew up with!

    See you later!

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