The cats vs the iPad

A couple weeks ago I was catching up on one of my fur-friend bloggers, Mr. Bowie, who had recently posted about his first selfie using an app. So this past weekend I downloaded Cat Selfie on the iPad and set the cats loose.

Chubbs usually doesn’t care for activities like this. She usually sits off the side with a surly look on her face. This time was really no different but she did paw at it a few times.


She bored quickly and wandered off, yelling as she did so.


It took Roma a while to show any interest in it. She goes crazy for lasers and shiny things so it surprised me she didn’t immediately pounce. She wandered over but sat a good distance away and just stared at it. As we waited, watching Roma, Zu got in on the action.


I let her play until she switched from shoving her nose against the screen to pawing at it. Roma had lost interest and scampered off. Being a people-cat though she soon returned to the room and this time sat right next to the screen.





*The videos are a little blurry. I wasn’t paying attention to the screen.

Right before I started this post I decided to look through the pictures to delete blurry ones and pick the ones that get the honor of being posted here. I began scrolling through them one by one (to see them close up) but each one was just of the ceiling and an ear so to save time I backed out to view them as a group and noticed my camera roll said I had over 600 pictures. I usually do have a lot of pictures on my phone because I forget to delete them but just the other day I spent time deleting & transferring pictures and had proudly brought that number down to 108 pictures. So I scrolled and scrolled and then scrolled some more. While Roma had been sitting on the screen the app had take 500+ pictures of her ear!

UntitledI guess now I know better than to let her sit on it for an extended amount of time!

Happy Friday to all!

8 thoughts on “The cats vs the iPad

  1. This is a great post! But the camera roll… over 600 pictures!! Ha ha ha…
    Mr. Bowie isn’t interested in CatSelfie anymore. But it’s too hot to play I guess…

  2. Hi .. well the cats had an interlude – I wonder whether their language and technology skills have improved after this episode?!

    Love the thought of this .. fun to see and read about .. cheers Hilary

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