I ♥ August

I can’t believe it’s August already! Even though it means summer is coming to an end and the year is half over it is my favorite month because….it’s my BIRTHDAY month!!! I celebrate (and accept gifts) all month long.

Last week was a random week involving chickens and Colorado history. I had intended to spend some time Saturday morning writing this post but I slept later than I thought and as usual had left all my errands until the last minute. We had a party to attend Saturday night and silly me had forgotten that I was bringing a pasta salad. In the midst of rushing around trying to get things together the finished product was involved in what I’m calling the “pasta salad incident” which resulted in half of it lying on the kitchen floor. So frazzled me didn’t get a chance to finish this until today. But I’ve diverted from my random week.

On Tuesday I came across fellow blogger at Straight to Chickens about a woman raising chickens and ended up helping her name one of the little chicks. The poor thing had been attacked so they were looking for a strong warrior name. Rhiannon was the outcome. You can read about it here! Strangely enough I’ve helped name other baby chicks before. My parents raise them for eggs. They have Blinky, Blanche, Thelma, Louise, Stella, Roxy, Mabel and The Doctor. They had another named Winky who turned out to be a cranky rooster so he was sent off to the farm…which turned out to really be a farm and not the dinner table like I first thought. They also raise broiler chickens that remain nameless because after a few months they really do become dinner.

Wednesday the stitches finally came out of my foot! And I was able to pick up my screws. They’re shinier than I thought they would be.


I know they were cleaned and sterilized but I pictured a dull color instead of the shiny silver. I’m just happy they’re out of my foot. I’ve been carrying them around with me and showing them to people. I’m looking for ideas on what to do with them. My mom suggested earrings and a friend suggested a necklace. I’m not sold though. Any thoughts from the crowd?

The rest of the week was all about Colorado history. Wednesday marked 37 years since the Big Thompson Flood that killed 143 people. It’s one of the largest and deadliest floods in the US.

Thursday was Colorado’s 137th birthday. “Where The Columbines Grow” is the original state song but I prefer the newer one.

Wayne, Zu and I explored the canyon and flood memorial a bit on Friday but I’m going to put that adventure in a separate post because there are a lot of pictures. I’ve added the one below though because I just love the look on ZuZu’s face! I have no idea what she was looking at.

Stay tuned for the post the will follow this one shortly. It’s actually more interesting 😉


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