It’s Birthday Weekend Friday!

Let’s start with a little cat humor because by the time you reach the middle of this post I’ll probably have sent some of you into depression.

Get off the table!Image courtesy of Cheezburger

Today was one of those days I wanted to re-blog everything I read. There were so many people sharing heartbreaking stories which I honestly hate reading because it makes me sad, angry…you all know the feelings but they deserve their spotlight. Once I get started though I keep reading and reading until I’m ready to cry.  If there’s anything good that can come from senseless tragedy it’s that it raises awareness and gets people to stand up for a cause.

I already mentioned Leo’s story at Not So Shabby – Shabby Chic. The videos of this little trooper romping around just a few short days after his amputation are great. It’s appalling that no one helped this poor kitten but I have to remember everything happens for a reason and if he’d been set free his outcome may have been far worse.

Val over at Nikitaland shared about the three Cleveland women who were kidnapped and the demolition of the suspects house. For a topic that sparks so many emotions its a beautifully written post that speaks the emotion in a graceful way.

Fozzie.M shared about their beautiful Simba who was shot and killed several years back. Who shoots innocent pets?? This shouldn’t be a question that ever has to be asked. I’ve taken phone calls numerous times from someone annoyed by their neighbor’s barking dog who threatens to go out and shoot it.

Wiley shared a story about Cabela, the dog brutally murdered by a monster in Washington. After reading a few articles it led me to an online petition which I signed. Whether the end result of the petition changes anything it still feels good to be able to participate and have a voice, online or not, about how these people should be punished.

Okay. Enough of being a bummer. How about a cute picture while you hug your pets (or humans)?

Image courtesy of Animal Advocates Alliance

Birthday week has ended and birthday weekend is beginning. Birthday weekend is usually all about me but I share my birthday with a co-worker who shares it with his son who will turn a year old so Happy Birthday to them! I won’t be around much on account of the fact that I’ll be too busy stuffing my face. So far the eating schedule looks something like this…Friday: lunch at Hooters (yes, Hooters…I have a friend who loves the wings so we go every few months), dinner at the Melting Pot; Saturday: brunch at a little inn in the Big Thompson Canyon, dinner with friends Saturday night; Sunday: stadium food at the Rockies game and, if I’m still able to move, ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Whew…I think I gained 10lbs just writing that.

Image courtesy of someecards

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend as much as I’m going to enjoy eating all that food!


9 thoughts on “It’s Birthday Weekend Friday!

  1. Your right sometimes we tend to write material which is gloomy and despairing. I think that the blog is the means that many of us get the things that are bothering us out into the cybersphere to make us feel better. It is a cure for depression by spreading it around. That is why I try to vary my stuff some days humor some days deep and some days totally made up. If you look at my blog you will hopefully notice that. Life is filled with ups and downs, hopefully it will balance out. Have a great day, remember you are young and then when you are old you are always thirty nine. I am 39 with the body of an aged Greek Adonis. I have a 14 pack and wrinkles on wrinkles but I am still in my mind 39. Fortunately my wife thinks she is only 32.

  2. Have a great Birthday weekend! food…mmmmmm.nothing like a good feast 🙂 Indeed the world is mad.the story about Leo is so beautiful..who hears that screaming for days and ignores it!! I am ashamed to be human nearly all the time! glad that house was demolished to.I haven’t read about the doggy..i need to be in the right head space! Have a great weekend hugs Fozziemum x

    • Thank you! I’m really looking forward to the food! I am often ashamed as well and try to find something positive to keep me going. Having you and other bloggers out there who understand makes me feel better about the people in this world!

      • Thanks Ruby I agree..i have just finished emailing a politician out here about a disgraceful law they are tryin to slip past us! only found out fromanother blogger in America! and this law is for my hometown…we do what we can and yes it’s easy to despair…enjoy the food I know I would hahahaha ..loveee my chow 🙂

  3. Writing burns 107 calories per hour. If you write a few more paragraphs, maybe you can go to DQ twice! 🙂

    Happy Birthday. And thanks for adding some funny things in with the sad.

    I’m going to do the same thing tomorrow myself.

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