Biking riding with the critters

Birthday weekend was very fun. A great time was had by all involved! We started off with a visit to the Melting Pot.

Dinner with Bear
We ate way, way too much. Wayne constructed a white flag to show we were throwing in the towel. There was more food on the plate when he first put it in but I’m a grazer so I continued to eat everything else.

White Flag

On Saturday we ended up skipping our brunch date to sleep in. We stayed out Friday until midnight so by the time I fell asleep I had been up 30+ hours. ZuZu was already scheduled for camp so we got up briefly to take her. We checked on her periodically during the day and every time she was sitting around, watching everyone else play. Most of the time the white dog in the 2nd picture was by her side.

                         Sitting around camp Chillin' at camp

To make up for having a lazy morning we spent the rest of the afternoon on a bike ride.  When we left it was bright and sunny but started to cloud over almost as soon as we hit the trail. The Spring Creek Trail is right behind our house and it follows Spring Creek through Fort Collins. It’s a beautiful path, one of my favorite in the city. It turned out to be a great ride because everywhere we went we saw critters and wildlife roaming around. Our first encounter was with the prairie dogs at the Coterie Natural Area. A large family lives here and the space is huge. Every time we are on the trail we stop to watch them. We don’t come this way often because ZuZu goes nuts when she sees them.


Prairie Dogs

A couple miles down the path we saw a few riders off to the side so we stopped to see what they were looking at. There was a deer jumping through the meadow. We only saw the one at first but when we moved further down we saw there were 2 others on the hill.

Deer in the meadow


When we came to a split in the trail we decided to switch paths and head down the  Poudre Trail. It was the first time we had ever gone this way because it’s not a very long trail. It’s not very scenic either. It runs behind an industrial part of town so all you see on one side is buildings and warehouses. We were surprised to find a part of Fort Collins we’d never seen before and found some really neat places to go fishing. The trail ends at the CSU Environmental Center and the Rocky Mountain Raptor Shelter.

CSU Environmental Center

Rocky Mountain Raptor

We parked our bikes and walked around. At first we weren’t sure what the building was but there are signs saying please talk quietly so we figured it was probably birds of some sort.

Raptor 1

Raptor 2



Across the grass is a garden that is open to the public. I’m not growing anything this year so we walked through to see how things were progressing.


Garden sign


As I was going in for a closer look at the flowers this little bunny jumped out of the bushes. I think both of us were startled by the other. We stared at each other for a while.


We left the raptors to investigate a bridge we had seen while riding in.

The bridge

This guy came in for a landing just as we were coming up to the bridge. I didn’t see him right away so I couldn’t get a better shot. I had to zoom & crop a little; sorry it’s a little grainy!



The bridge leads to another natural area where there are 3 different trails you can walk through that are only 1/2 mile to a mile long. We decided to come back another day when it didn’t look so stormy out and when we had bug spray with us. Those mosquitoes are horrible!


We rode most of the way back without seeing anything until we suddenly found ourselves in the middle of a goose convention. They yelled at us as we rode through and half of them jumped back into the pond while the others made it clear they weren’t moving.

Caution: Geese X-ing

Swimming, swimming

We spent around almost two hours exploring and the whole time it was cloudy. As soon as we arrived home the sun came back out to make a last appearance before setting. The rest of the weekend was spent at a Rockies game and watching The Princess Bride.

I love that scene. It’s such a great movie!

I hope you enjoyed the “bike ride” as much as I did. See you tomorrow for Black & White Sunday!


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