ZuZu vs the bathtub

Bath time

Towards the end of summer the dog lake at the dog park starts getting a little gross yet I still let the dog swim in it. By the following day, after having slept on my side of the bed, she stunk to high heaven and I knew it was time to give her a bath. I have been really bad about getting her professionally groomed this year, opting to do it myself. When it comes to combing she and I usually have several disagreements and have to take breaks involving treats. This is one of the few times I actually get annoyed with her. I use a de-matting tool as well as a comb.  Her coat is very healthy and I keep her combed regularly so rarely are there many mats however the fur around her tail and upper legs is too thick to use just the Furminator. Occasionally I have to pull hard to get the comb through. This is usually where we start having issues. She will sit perfectly for the first few minutes but slowly she’ll slide away from me until she’s lying on her side, front paw & back paw in the air. I’ll stop, tell her no and make her sit up but minutes later the process repeats itself until she decides to roll over and do it on the other side.  Recently I’ve started using treats to bribe her and I’ve enlisted in Wayne’s help to keep her attention away from the comb.

As bath time started she happily followed us into the bathroom not realizing what lay ahead. As soon as  she noticed the running water she tried to hightail it out of there. I get in with her while Wayne sits on the edge to keep her from bolting. As long as he’s sitting there she will stand perfectly still, only occasionally turning and placing a paw on the side of the tub. It’s comical to see her looking so pitiful. She made it through the soap and first rinse before trying to shake. I was able to deter her from shaking off just yet, hoping to close the shower curtain at the end so she wouldn’t get water everywhere. My plan, as foolproof as I thought it was, was short lived. Wayne made the mistake of moving to find an old towel while I was turned away filling up the cup for a last rinse. Zu took this as her opportunity to bolt and shake.

Whenever she’s wet she gets a renewed energy and gets really crazy, which usually means she’ll jump on & off the couches several times. We just bought all new furniture (that Chubbs already poked a hole in) so I slipped out to find blankets to cover them up.

Cleaning up after bath

I'm clean!

Table cat, couch dog

As her fur dries it starts to take on a crimped look which always makes me laugh. I gave her a comb out after she’d dried off and she’s looking beautiful. Now I just have to keep her from jumping back in the lake until it’s drained.

Luckily Zu stays pretty clean so we don’t have to do this very often. Occasionally we bathe the Kitty Fantasticas (yes, our cats have a superhero team name and yes, that is a Buffreference 😉 ) when they’re especially dirty or their fur clumps together but I value my skin too much to try bathing them very often.

Do baths at your house go smoothly or turn into disasters?


19 thoughts on “ZuZu vs the bathtub

  1. I get in the bath with the boys too..Hubby takes the outside position! and the tails curl right up underneath hahahh after…three ring circus…sheesh great pics made me smile 🙂

  2. You do look beautiful afterwards. I do admit that. My mommy has smartened up with my bath time. Bath time at the Hotel Thompson with a pig can be quite festive. Mom runs the water, throws in some cut carrots and then I get in. While I’m busy dunking for carrots, eating them, blowing bubbles in the water and stomping my feet, she washes me all over. By the time I’m done, she’s done. Then it’s towel dry and running around the house to air dry. XOXO – Bacon

    • Bobbing for treats, eh? That sounds like a great idea….maybe I should start doing that. Lol. Your bath times sounds like so much fun, why can’t everyone see it this way??

  3. Oh goodness, bath time is quite the production with the dog…trying to get out of the tub over and over, lots of shaking, and yes the wild run when the bath is all done!

    • She absolutely loves the water, can’t get enough of it, until I’m hauling her into the tub and then she can’t get out quick enough! The wild run is my favorite and I encourage her craziness by riling her up even more!

  4. Thank goodness Vlad doesn’t give me that kind of grief! Not even 2 of us could handle him if he started to fight that way. ZuZu’s mom has our sympathies! But you sure are pretty, Zu!

    • We’re just lucky she’s small enough that we can handle her both during combing & bath time! I can’t imagine a bigger dog although I suspect it would be as troublesome as bathing cats.

    • I can just picture Mr. K enjoying his massage! Baths are a wonderful time for massages and relaxing, I really don’t understand why all dogs don’t understand this… 🙂

  5. Mom says there is no more bathing cats for her. If one of us would need it, she says that we’ll be going to a groomer. She says that she has enough scars and bad memories from previous cat baths to last the remainder of her life. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • I agree with your mom on scars & traumatic memories which is why we rarely bathe them! On trips to the vet/groomer they’re so outrageously badly behaved they have to be put under and then they’re groggy for days after….we opt not to do that either.

  6. I have a confession to make: my hubby and I are too chicken to bathe Taylor ourselves, so we enlist the help of a mobile groomer once a month! I commend you for taking on the task yourself! I can only imagine how much more $ my hubby and I would have in the bank if we did the same thing! By the way, I love how ZuZu’s hair gets crimpy as it dries!! Must be her ode to the hairstyles of the 1990s! 😉

    • I’ve seen those mobile groomers around town and thought of calling them! Usually by the time I’m convinced she needs a bath I don’t want to wait for an appointment, I want it done now! When it comes to trimming fur though I pay for someone to do that, she would have mangled fur if I tried! Her crimpy fur is the best even though it does bring embarrassing memories of when I did that to my own hair…. 🙂

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