No Pet Left Behind

Caren, Cody & Dakota left us a comment the other day that got me thinking about the stories I’ve been reading about the animals affected by the floods. The unofficial motto has been “No pet left behind.” It was hard taking phone calls last week from people who were forced to leave their pets behind. Some had left for work never knowing their houses would be flooded hours later, others were rescued but the boats had no room for the pets. I felt the frustration the people were feeling because I know I would be in a panic if my pets ever had to be left behind. During those days all evacuated areas were under mandatory evacuation which meant nobody was allowed back. Thankfully by Saturday the rain had let up and waters receded enough for Animal Control to retrieve left behind pets.

Every time I read a story I automatically think “that’s my favorite” and then I read another that becomes my favorite. So I’ve decided to share a few that really stuck in my mind.

9newsSource: Google Images

There was a woman in Pinewood Springs who wasn’t able to get back to her house by vehicle so she & a few others hiked up the mountain to get her 5 dogs. They hiked back out with all of them, having to carry one who is too old to walk that far.

Pinewood SpringsSource: Nick McGurk of 9News

In Weld County the livestock were greatly affected because moving them on short notice is nearly impossible, if even possible for large herds. There was one horse in particular who was shown on the news repeatedly because he was stranded, supposedly tied to what probably was a corral, with water rushing around him.

Socks the horseSource: 9news

He was rescued and we later found out his name is Socks and he’s doing okay, Reports have also said that he wasn’t actually tied up. Either way he and his horse comrades are now safe.

Out of the many pictures of dogs & cats being rescued this one is my favorite. I love to zip-line but I’m certain ZuZu wouldn’t be a huge fan.

imageSource: Google Images

Those are just a few of the many. Almost every animal, species, etc has been affected. Displaced rattlesnakes have made their way into town, bighorn sheep rescued in the Big Thompson Canyon and baby squirrels separated from their nest. Even the moose, who almost strictly live on the west side of the mountains, have ventured over. Every picture of helicopter rescues you see just as many dogs & cat crates coming off as people.

See…I could really go on and on.

On a different note I’ve been a member of the dog social network Pack for a while but I always forget to post about it. Recently they’ve added some new features that I’m loving. Are any of you members? Miss Thing’s page is here if you’re interested in checking her out. I’ve also been updating my Instagram account. I usually forget I have it but I’m getting better. We are @meyouandzu. I haven’t figured out how to put a badge icon on my sidebar but for now I’ve got the Instagram widget over there.

Also I’ve been going through blog challenge withdrawals but haven’t found any that I’ve been interested in joining. So I’ve made up my own for the month of October that will be based around Zu and the Kitty Fantasticas. And if anyone is interested in joining I’d be happy to share my daily prompts with you.

Enjoy the weekend. See you Sunday!


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