ZuZu’s Challenge Day 3

Halloween Image

Today’s post is super late because I forgot to schedule it!

What is your favorite month**?


Source: Google Images

The beginning of fall season is my absolute favorite! I mentioned the other day a few of my favorite end of September/October things but these are what makes it my favorite month. The cooler weather means I can bring out the boots, sweaters and leggings. It means everything pumpkin is acceptable. The house always smells great from homemade cider brewing, candles and the smell of fall leaves. I’m even more accepting of the fact that I have to sweep the deck every day and keep the vacuum handy to remove all the leaves the dog has dragged into the house. Corn mazes start coming out everywhere. I love to do them during the day but the spooky mazes are so fun too even if I spend the whole time screaming like a little girl.

The change in scenery is probably my absolute favorite though. The aspens changing to their beautiful gold is a sight to behold. I’ve posted this picture a few times before but it never gets old!

Peak to PeakThis year we didn’t drive around to see the changing leaves. Our vacation plans were cancelled with the flood and we decided spending a relaxing week at home would be just as fun. Next year we’re hoping to take an actual vacation and hopefully see the colorful leaves changing in other parts of the country. The beautiful reds and oranges have always been my favorites.

And of course Halloween! I’m really excited about our costumes this year, especially Zu’s. We usually attend the Shining Ball at The Stanley Hotel every year but this year several things will stop us. One is the fact that the road that leads to Estes is still closed from the flooding. The only way for us to get there is to travel 3 hours in each direction. With that in mind we delayed in buying our tickets and now it’s sold out. So…we are looking for a new costume party to attend.

**For this particular question I’m only answering for myself. The smallest creatures prefer the warmer months when they can sun themselves on the deck and eat anything green I happen to be growing. And there’s less chance that I’ll be putting a costume or sweater on them during the summer. ZuZu is a winter dog. The first glimpse of snow is the best! She has a coat of fur made for rolling in snow.
ZuZu snow

ZuZu winter

And speaking of snow it’s already being forecasted for TOMORROW! And with that I’ll leave you. Until tomorrow 🙂


4 thoughts on “ZuZu’s Challenge Day 3

  1. ZuZu in the snow is so cute. Mom’s favorite season is fall. She loves the leaves and the pumpkin stuff. Our leaves haven’t changed much yet. The humans just came back from 10 days in Canada and said from the time they got there and left the leaves changed a whole lot and were really nice. She says your fall photo of the changing leaves is breathtaking. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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