ZuZu’s Challenge Day 7: My Embarassing Pet

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What’s the most embarrassing thing your pet has ever done?

Since that cats don’t make public appearances and usually hide when we have guests over they’ve never embarrassed us…or at least nothing so embarrassing that I remember. ZuZu however has pulled a few stunts that have mortified me.

The one that stands out the most is from several years ago on one of our many jaunts to Estes Park. We had only owned ZuZu for a few months but even then she traveled everywhere with us. We were having a stroll along the shops on Elkhorn Avenue with my parents’ but they had ducked into a shop so Wayne and I were waiting outside. From afar…or about 10 feet…we saw the celebrity Kyle Howard walking in our direction. My experience with celebrities is limited so I was excited that one was basically in my backyard (…to be fair though he is from Loveland). He was on My Boys around the same time and it was a show I enjoyed. Anyway, this is the moment ZuZu decides to let loose and start pooping all over the sidewalk. And when I say all over I mean all over because this dog walks around as she’s doing her business. One of the few times I’ve been near a celebrity and my dog starts pooping inches from their feet! AND THE CELEBRITY NOTICED. He kind of chuckled as he walked past us and our pooping dog.

We didn’t have a bag handy because we had used our last one just minutes before and thought we were safe for a while. So both Wayne and I are trying to find all the pieces so a wandering tourist didn’t step in it. Luckily Estes Park keeps bag stands everywhere and we were able to get one. The only bad thing is it meant that left only one of us to guard the trail of poop. Meanwhile, ZuZu is happy as a clam, wiggling happily as she greeted passersby.

It seems really goofy but even now, over 5 years later, I still cringe when I think about this. It was a great experience for a new pet owner (as a side note, even though I’ve had pets my entire life I had never been the one responsible for everything involved with a owning a dog). We learned never, EVER be without poop bags. ALWAYS carry a spare. No matter what the situation or how cleared out you think your dog is you’re probably wrong. And we learned that the ideal way to pick up after our wandering dog is to have 2 people involved; one to keep a close eye on the dog and count the pieces while the other is the cleaner.

Oh, what I do for my pets. 🙂


14 thoughts on “ZuZu’s Challenge Day 7: My Embarassing Pet

  1. What a hilarious and embarrassing story! I would have died if that happened to me! I dog sit our neighbors dog while she is at work and I always have more than one dog poop bag in my pocket! You just never know! BTW, that is funny to hear that Zu poops in circles….Nikita does too!

    • Everywhere you look in my purse, house, car there are bags. And in all colors and designs too, lol! I swear Zu & Nikita have to be related, they are so similar!

      • It’s like they are living parallel lives! I hear ya on the doggie bags all over the place. Stick your hand in any one of my coat pockets and you will a supply of them! LOL

  2. Hilarious!! love a magic moment…our old dog Eich a beautiful Rottie was once on a walk with me when he discovered a great thing to cock his leg on….a police car parked by the side of the road had set up a speed camera…Eich up and on it peed all over it ..wonder how fast it was ???? hugs Fozziemum

  3. 🙂 this is so cute and funny! my dog once kept staring at a couple who was totally making out on the street. i kept pulling him but he wouldn’t budget and just. kept. staring. my friend’s brother dog actually peed on my friend’s mother in law after my urging for the dogs to be let out instead of being crated. oops!

    • Haha! I love that he was staring at the people making out! I don’t think Zu’s ever peed on anyone…their carpet, now that’s another story!

  4. I heard you on the extra poo bags. I had to empty tear off a section of the trash bag in the city park trash can once to use for Pierre’s extra poo. It was certainly not the most embarrassing time I’ve had with him, but it was memorable. 🙂

  5. Mommy says that she doesn’t know that celebrity or the show he was on. She says that once, Smack, a dog she had way before any of us were born, used to pee on people’s feet when she got excited. Not as bad as your embarrassing instance, however. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Lisbeth Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid and Calista Jo

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