ZuZu’s Challenge Day 8: A List of Things

Make a list of things your pet (or yourself) likes that others finds weird.

Halloween Image


Toilet Paper
Cat poop or litter
Rolling around on dead things
Drinking from the toilet
Eating bugs
Sleeping with all four paws up in the air
Trying to kiss, tongue and all, with any human who gets near her face. Ick.



Licking plastic bags
Squeaking instead of meowing
Sniffing IcyHot
Batting around the water dishes so water spills everywhere
Jumping on the edge of bathtub while the shower is running
Licking my leg when I get out of the shower


Sleeping in a dog house
Wearing a Christmas tie & enjoying it
Also sniffing IcyHot
Eat grass and dirt
Eating bugs

I’m going to include a couple weird things from my childhood pets.
Our cat, Zeus, broke into the ginormous boxes of chocolate my sister sold her senior year of high school (remember that horrible task?) and ate BOXES of them. If there is chocolate anywhere near this cat she will find it, remove the wrapper and devour it. Science says chocolate can kill cats…Zeus celebrated her 16th birthday this year.
Our mentally challenged cat Armstrong loves black olives.


8 thoughts on “ZuZu’s Challenge Day 8: A List of Things

  1. Our angel Madison loved the brine from Green olives. Showing woofies and kitties are pretty much alike, we like all the things on ZuZu’s list but #2 and #3. Astrid is the champion squealer in our house. Fun lists. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Lisbeth Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid and Calista Jo

  2. Zeus also LOVES cantaloupe. If she can’t get it from tje table she will open the compost and take out the rind and eat that.

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