ZuZu’s Challenge Day 14: Eating Strange Things

To celebrate National Chocolate Covered Insect Day let’s talk about all the weird things pets eat. There are the normal things that they eat that we find weird such as poop or dead things but to them those aren’t weird.

The weirdest thing ZuZu eats on a regular basis is Kleenex. I just don’t understand that one. Most things she eats I just shake my head and wonder why. But there was one time where she actually scared me a little. I suffer from bad nosebleeds a lot. Living in the dry air of Colorado partnered with the fact that I blow my nose a lot leads to some doozies. So I use Bleedarrest Foam Strips to help stop it. One day I got one while we were out running errands so we ducked into the Walgreen’s to buy some. When the nosebleed had stopped I wrapped it and the wrapper in a Kleenex and left it in the drink holder to throw away later (I use that as my temporary garbage container). We stopped somewhere, leaving Zu in the car for a few minutes, and when we had come back she had eaten everything in the drink holders. I freaked out because I was afraid whatever chemicals they use would kill her or make her sick. I made her drink lots of water and watched her like a hawk for days. She was fine but now when we have her with us we make sure she can’t eat anything lying about!

Halloween Image

Now on to the cats. They don’t eat a lot of weird things because they’re snooty cats. When Roma was a kitten she snagged a giant piece of pizza off the table and took off with it. It was hilarious watching this tiny thing try to drag it around. She ended up eating a huge chunk before we wrestled it away from her. I couldn’t think of anything weird that Chubbs has eaten. I could, however, think of the exact opposite. When she was just a young thing she would turn her nose up at anything that wasn’t dry cat food. We could put wet food out and she would just stare at it. Any type of meat, steak, lunch meat, she would turn her nose up at it. Today she will eat a few nibbles but neither of the Kitty Fantasticas will touch wet food. They get excited at the smell of it and then…nothing!


16 thoughts on “ZuZu’s Challenge Day 14: Eating Strange Things

  1. Aren’t pets strange some times? I am glad that us humans don’t act like them as we would be sniffing lots of butts when we greet other people. Now wouldn’t that be a sight? Geez.

  2. Love it! My daughter and I have also christened our drink holder the “temporary trash.” I drove a friend to the bank the other day and he started rooting around in there for a pen and I just wanted to wither and right there. Amazingly, he found a pen. Even more amazingly, I lived through it.
    Hey hey for “drink holders!!”

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one, lol! I try to empty it on a regular basis which usually means I put it in my purse with the intention of throwing it away and then forget about it. I sometimes use the ash tray too…my husband uses that as a place to stash candy so I like driving his car. 🙂

      • TOO FUNNY! I do the same thing with putting it in my purse – always the front pocket of my purse. Three days later I’m like, “Where the heck did this tissue come from?”
        High five!!!

  3. after Donna ate a hyfrangea leaf and poisoned herself I have been very watchful and now she doesn’t really try to snaffle anything outside on walks or at home…:P only whatever we give her…phew…

    • Oh my! Poor Donna, so glad she recovered! I do the same with Zu, she’s constantly sniffing and checking out things. Right now there’s a lot of wild mushrooms growing outside our house that she’s drawn to…most of the time she won’t eat anything but I don’t like her getting too close.

  4. Kleenex eating suggests that ZuZu has pica. One of our angel sisfurs, Steamer, stole a pork chop off of Mom’s plate once. Angel Madison loved the brine from green olives and angel Thelma liked the water left after steaming broccoli. None of us now have any weird food fetishes. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • I’ve looked into pica before and I think you’re right. She only does it if we aren’t home or in the car so I haven’t looked into any serious treatments but I keep my eye on her. I’m impressed with all of you that none of you have any weird foods that you like but dry kibble is just fine. Your angel sisters sound like a few of my angels…angel Gemini used to steal an entire loaf of bread and eat all of it!

  5. Here it is Roo poo …the dogs sniff it out everywhere! and rabbit poo…the weirdest is Doc can smell termites and will dig and gnaw at the ground!! odd bods! let’s not mention a tray of freshly iced xmas biscuits last year..not mentioning any names…Forrest hahaahha 🙂 hugs Fozziemum x

    • I bet Zu would go wild for Roo and rabbit poo. That’s so funny that Doc can smell termites. Ugh! I bet it’s a sight to watch him digging around 🙂 And who can blame them for snagging iced biscuits? They sound delicious!

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