ZuZu’s Challenge Day 15: A Scary Moment

What’s the scariest thing you and your pet have experienced?

A few years ago my friends and I were on a hike in the Big Thompson Canyon on the Dunraven Trail. We started out, with our dogs, later than we should of (around 3-4ish) so by the time we started back down the mountain it was already getting dark. We made it a mile or so down when we started to hear a rustling behind us.  It was then we realized we were being stalked by a mountain lion. As much as I’d like to imagine he looked cute and cuddly, like this….

Source: Google Images

I’m pretty sure it looked more like this…

Source: Google Images

We went from talking and laughing to basically running down the mountain. Which if you’re a mountain hiker you know that coming down is harder. You’re legs are jelly and it’s really hard on the knees. It was my first semi-encounter with a ferocious creature and it was a little scary. The ADD dog wanted to find out what the noise was so I had to keep her focused on going down the mountain. After a while the mountain lion left or got bored or something. It was past 9:30 when we got to the bottom, it was really dark and we were all exhausted. But we were in one piece. Now I carry pepper spray and a knife…just in case.

My scary moment with Roma came when we moved to Colorado. All the big pieces and furniture items had been moved out and we were working on boxing the little things and cleaning. We had to keep the door open most of the day so we tracked down Chubbs to lock her in her carrier. When we moved on to Roma we discovered she was missing. We looked in the housechecking around the block, at the neighbors, everywhere! I panicked and cried a little. We were leaving early the next morning so I knew even if I made a lost cat report we would never get her back. A couple hours later my brother in law happened to be in the moving truck and heard a noise so he and Wayne shut the door to listen closer. Sure enough Roma was in the truck. Being scared by all the commotion in the house she had climbed into a hole in the bottom of the box spring and had stayed even when it was taken to the truck. It was one of the first things in so she had been in there for hours!

As for Chubbs we couldn’t think of a scary moment with her. The only thing we could think of is the cat herself is a little scary. When she’s in a foul mood and running like a crazy cat she can be a little scary. Both cats have their claws so she is a vicious creature!

What scary things have your pets done or put you through?

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2 thoughts on “ZuZu’s Challenge Day 15: A Scary Moment

  1. Mountain lion..lordy I would have flown!!! Our Simba the cat being shot and illed in broad daylight was the most scary..we lived in fear for the others and our dogs and sheep..this led to us selling the house 12 mnths later and moving to here 3 hours away and in the middle of 11 acres ..next was watching Forrest and Marbles the cat with a snake they bailed up,then walking the dogs and being hissed at by an Eastern Brown…one of the deadliest snakes in the world..and Pickles the cat when I rescued her from an animal hoarder,she was trapped as a kitten between a table top and wall..when I got her out her back legs didn’t work and her head was misshapen..i took her straight to our vet who treated her for nothing (he ws an angel) and we kept her ..as far as all the authorities and the ‘owner’ were concerned she had died…phew…scary moments indeed 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

  2. That’s a lot of scary things! I don’t blame you at all for moving after Simba cat was killed, that’s just horrible. Snakes?? Ugh, I can’t even imagine being that close to one especially with pets. It frightens me that something so deadly intrigues our animals. A co-worker’s dog was bit by a rattlesnake a couple years ago and had to be put down, so sad 😦 Pickles is very lucky you found her, she looks like she’s leading quite the happy life now!

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