ZuZu’s Challenge Day 18: I’m A Superhero

I am seriously behind on my posting today! I hurt my back being tortured exercising so I’ve spent most of my days snuggling in bed with my kiddos, too lazy to bring the laptop in to work. I also spent most of my time writing this post for today not realizing that I had switched around days. So Day 18 & Day 19 are going to be switched…oops!

So today’s question will be which superhero is most like your pet? Or make up your own! ZuZu was Super Dog for Halloween last year and sometimes she just wears her cape on a random day to feel awesome.

Super Dog

So we decided to see what superhero our pets were most like. Plus we got the idea from Benny at Two French Bulldogs who received his own super-cape for his fight against liver cancer.

The kit kats have their own superheroine team, Kitty Fantasticas, which is a reference to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy is a superhero and you can’t convince me otherwise…she has her own comic book so that alone could qualify her. I think the ladies should have super speed and go out at night fighting crime…vampires and the like.

ZuZu could be Wonder Woman. She possesses several of her skills and would look great in that headband.

…flight, super-strength, super-speed, highly developed fighting skills, enhanced hearing, enhanced vision, animal empathy, regeneration (healing factor), sisterhood with fire, high resistance to magic.

Source: Superhero Database

She may not be an Amazon woman but don’t let her little size fool you. What she lacks in size she makes up with her powers. I think she should use those powers and team up with the KF’s to take down evil-doers!

Here are the answers to yesterday’s descriptions!

ZuZu is LOVABLE. One of the happiest, friendliest dogs on the planet. She will love you forever.

Roma is SOFTHEARTED. She can be standoffish and snarly but at the end of the day all she wants is to cuddle.

Chubbs is SPIRITED. This crazy lady loves to tear around the house and  is not afraid to tell you what she thinks.


3 thoughts on “ZuZu’s Challenge Day 18: I’m A Superhero

  1. Hope your back is better! We are so behind visiting blogs. The thing with Phe really threw me off and I am just now starting to get back into it. Thank you for stopping by and visiting us! Have a great weekend!

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