ZuZu’s Challenge Day 21: Tell Me A Story

Read to your pet today and tell us how it went.

I’ve done some research on reading to your pets, how it can help you bond and increase their intelligence. So I’ve taken to having reading sessions with the 4-legged ones. They tend to be short. The cats don’t like being forced to be near each other and ZuZu would rather play with her toys. I started reading Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman but we only made it a few pages so I decided on something a little less intense for them… children’s books. My favorite as a child was Digby and Kate.

Digby and Kate

Book pages

Roma was sleeping on one of ZuZu’s dog beds so I decided that would be the perfect spot. I snagged Chubbs on my way over but she wasn’t in the mood to be held and was a bit feisty. I’ll be honest…I lured them in with catnip. But even that only kept them around for a few minutes.


Once Zu decided to join us Roma was out of there. Chubbs hung around for another few moments and then ran away. So it became story time with Zu.


She stayed interested for most of the book but then all she wanted to do was give kisses.
Reading with Zu

At the last chapter ZuZu suddenly spotted her Chuck-It squirrel sitting a few feet behind her and couldn’t resist the urge to grab it.

Toys are more fun

Roma, wanting her bed back, came over to sit on my lap.

ZuZu was still playing with her toy, rolling and snorting with it, which made Roma snarly. She was kicked out of story time. With her bed free at last Zu took her squirrel and settled in for some serious chew time.

My toys

Story time is anything but successful but it’s always fun. The cats are getting a little better about sticking around, I just need to catch them when they’re sleepy. And next time I’ll make sure Zu’s toys are out of sight.


13 thoughts on “ZuZu’s Challenge Day 21: Tell Me A Story

  1. I think about reading to the kitties all the time, but the only way to make that work would be if they were already drowsy and hanging in my lap. I do think now that I will try it. Thanks for sharing your attempt. It does seem partially successful. Janet

  2. how cool, i thought of that when my lexi was very ill. i read a lot to her, her last week with me. i read to her from Paws to Reflect, 365 devotions. great post!

  3. My oldest granddaughter reads to Vlad while reading to her little sister. Telling her that Vlad wants a story will get her to sit still when nothing else will. Barkly isn’t so much on joining into the mix though, but Vlad loves it just as much as my Airedale Dannyboy did.

    • That’s so cute that she reads to them! It always makes me smile watching dogs listen to people talk and tell stories…they’re just like little people to me. Also I love the name Vlad 🙂

  4. I never thought of doing this! I wonder if Cooper and Jack would respond. (Buffy won’t have anything to do with any activity that involves the D.O.G.) Thanks for the idea! Meghan, from 2catsandacattledog.com

    • I first got the idea from the blog Beef Casserole for the Dog’s Soul (http://bibliopet.com/) which is also a book. It’s for dogs who like hearing stories…and then I started seeing the idea everywhere. Our cats are the same as yours when it comes to the dog but if I sit near the cats and ZuZu is a comfortable distance away on the couch we can muddle through. 🙂

      • When it’s time to read on the bed, I seem to be the ‘border’… after a bit of whining from Cooper (he thinks I belong solely to him) they settle in on each side of my lap. I now have many photos of them in this position!

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