ZuZu’s Challenge Day 22

If your pet could play a sport, which would it be?

ZuZu would be a soccer player. The hubby played soccer in high school and every now and then he gets out the soccer ball to kick around. ZuZu always jumps in and starts playing with him. Soccer is a popular sport with dogs. Check out this gallery to see pictures! Picture #5 is my favorite.

While I was studying Chubbs to figure out which sport she could play Wayne came along and picked her up. As he was holding her he was growling and switching her tail back & forth. So I decided she would make an excellent UFC fighter. She is scrappy and doesn’t go down without a fight. Sport? Not really. Entertaining? Definitely.

Roma would make a great track & field star. She’s fast and agile. She can toss her toys quite a distance. And she’s would be excellent at long distance jumping.


2 thoughts on “ZuZu’s Challenge Day 22

  1. Nikita would definitely be a good baseball catcher. As for Bella… what sport do they chew things? She is good at that! LOL (But in all fairness, Bella is a good “Boxer”. When I put my oven mitts on, her and I box!)

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