ZuZu’s Challenge Day 25: Sitcom Family

If you could be a part of any sitcom family who would it be?

Today’s answer is just for the kit kats because ZuZu would be perfect for any sitcom family.

Chubbs & Roma would fit in well with the Bluth family from Arrested Development. They’re very self-centered, looking out only for themselves. They expect others to constantly care for them and give them things. And they are really hilarious to watch interact with each other.

I love when they do the “chicken dance”. Lindsay’s version is my favorite.


4 thoughts on “ZuZu’s Challenge Day 25: Sitcom Family

  1. I think …. wait for it…. Jack would be well ‘suited’ (haha) for How I Met Your Mother, living with Barney. He is very dedicated to his appearance as is Barney, and he’d be a total babe magnet. Barney would just have to get a super sucking pet hair appliance to keep his apartment (and his suits) cat hair free.

    (And I like Lindsey’s version too!)

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