Loss of a fun Frenchie

“Fight like a Frenchie”

Our friend Benny the Frenchie passed over to the Rainbow Bridge the other day. He and his sister Lily became a fun part of our day with their pictures and stories. They’ve been an inspiration for many of our posts. We will miss him!

Benny & his super-cape - photo from Two French Bulldogs

Benny & his super-cape
Photo from Two French Bulldogs

If you get a chance check out the two links below (the ones in pink).

  • Caren from Dakota’s Den & Cat Chat with Caren & Cody wrote a beautiful post reminding me how much we interact with each other from day to day and become a “part” of each other’s lives even though most of us have never met.
  • Our friends over at Write to Wag posted a beautiful poem, though not intended for Benny, fits perfectly with this sad day.

So to all my blog friends thanks for sticking with us and our shenanigans. I truly appreciate all of you! To Benny’s family we will be thinking of you.


5 thoughts on “Loss of a fun Frenchie

  1. We send love and sympathy to the family of sweet sweet Benny…Words are so hard to express when a beloved pet passes on…May comfort find them…Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem along…Love and hugs to you and yours as well my blogging friend!!!! Trev sends a big woof!!!!

  2. your post is equally as beautiful and I THANK YOU. I just so deeply wish that Benny were still here so I wouldn’t have had to have written it. I love the photo you chose of him. Seeing Benny in his cape is how I would like to remember him. Much love, Caren, Dakota and Cody

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