ZuZu Challenge Day 26: Animals on video

If you turned on a hidden camera while you were away what would you find your pet doing?

Is this what you would find your pets doing?

We’ve been lucky with our pets. They don’t tear up toilet paper and they don’t eat food left on the counter (though food left at dog level will be devoured). We usually forget about the fortune cookies with Chinese food and end up finding crumbs and the fortune scattered all over the carpet. Laundry left in the basket is always left alone. It might be full of fur since that is the new sleeping spot but it remains in the basket. They do like to climb all over the furniture and sleep on the table.

When Zu was a young pup she did the normal puppy things; she chewed up shoes, pulled books off the shelf to eat them, etc. She has since passed that stage. Currently she doesn’t spend a lot of time home alone but since I sleep during the day she is indeed left to her own devices. She roams in and out of the house, hangs out in her dog house outside and then comes in the bedroom to sleep with me.

I really want to know what the cats are up to. When I’m home (sleeping) I constantly hear things banging around, thuds and snarling during the day. Every now and then they wake me up when they come tearing into the room and jump onto the bed. When we come home from being away their cat toys are usually scattered about and items from the table are found in other rooms.

I think I’m going to buy one of those collar cams to attach to Chubbs or ZuZu. They are pretty inexpensive and would give a good perspective. Have any of you ever tried them?


5 thoughts on “ZuZu Challenge Day 26: Animals on video

  1. Wow, I didn’t know you could get an inexpensive one! Buffy is a wanderer and I’d love to know where she goes on her adventures around the neighborhood. Let me know what you find out! (I’m suspicious that Cooper and Jack get along famously when we are gone… 😉

    • Seeing where Buffy finds herself during her wandering would be fun! My 2 cats are only outdoor under supervision but my childhood cats roamed fields and woods and it would be awesome to see their adventures!

  2. WOW, I just got done watching the video and could not believe that all of that happened in 10 minutes! I know that Nikita is a good girl and does not get into anything, but Bella, on the other hand has been known to get into the bathroom garbage can, has ripped up a few rugs, and other things. I would be interesting to see what they or Bella does when I am not at home. Awesome post!

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