ZuZu’s Challenge Day 28

Today is Plush Animal Lover’s Day! The rules according to the site are as follows.

The objective of this day is simple: enjoy and appreciate your plush animals.      Give them a little love and special attention today. And, if they’ve lost a little of their “plush”, that’s okay. You still love ’em

In honor of Plush Animal Lovers’ Day take a picture of your pet with a favorite stuffed animal (or toy).

Plush Animal DayZuZu is posing with my favorite bear Mavis. When I was in 4th grade I had my tonsils taken out and Mavis was given to me as a get well soon gift. She’s a little rough around the edges and lost her pretty purple bow somewhere along the way.




10 thoughts on “ZuZu’s Challenge Day 28

    • It always amazes me too…I put my keepsake stuffed animals around the house and she never touches them. But put it near her toy box and it would be in pieces!

  1. Leo and Mia must have known! They were tussling over a pumpkin that’s lost its squeak. Then Mia got her superstar, which I’d recently rescued from the backyard, surprised it still squeaked, and put through the wash. Then, as I was getting ready for work, she brought me her striped monkey. I’ll have to get some photos of them when I get home!

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