ZuZu’s Challenge Day 29: A Grand Adventure

Write about you & your pets’ grand adventure.

When I originally wrote the monthly challenge we’d had plans to take a camping trip at the beginning of October and then the floods came and literally washed our plans away. With a lot of the roads still closed and the weather only slightly reliable I decided our grand adventure would be less of a trip and more of an outing. So today I’ll be sharing our trick or treating adventure.

BowWowvania is held every year at The Farm at Lee Martinez Park. The dogs get to dress up and go booth to booth trick or treating.

Trick or treatingDown the line

ZuZu in the corner waiting patiently for her turn.
Bumble bee
Happy Hallowiener

A few of the treat givers tried to get Zu to do a trick to earn her treat but she wasn’t having it. Her doggie ADD had kicked in at the excitement going on around her. She would take treats to pose for pictures though.

A treat for me

Cows? Dogs? Angel and devil dog
Poodle skirt Hula dog
Farmer dog Superdogs

There were some great costumes and really cute dogs. Harry Potter dog was there too but I wasn’t able to get a picture of him!

Zu was very well behaved; sometimes when she is on a leash and there are other dogs around she can get growly but she did beautifully. As a reward we took her to watch the cows and ponies that live at the farm. There are a few full size horses but most of them are miniature ponies.
Please Don't Feed The Ponies

Cows, cows, cows

ZuZu’s big costume reveal won’t be until Thursday though there will be a glimpse of it tomorrow! I bet very few, if any, people get it. If you have a guess post it in the comments tomorrow!


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