ZuZu’s Halloween Challenge Day 31: Happy Halloween!


Today is the final day of Zu’s Halloween Challenge and my favorite day! I have been so excited about ZuZu’s costume for months. My mom was gracious enough to knit it for her! If you are any bit nerd or sci fi geek you will get her costume…if you aren’t then it will just look like a really cute sweater. Going clockwise we have The Doctor, the Dalek & the TARDIS!
Doctor Who
Howloween Wayne and I dressed up to trick or treat with Zu because the outfit only really works as a whole. The TARDIS & the Dalek Only 2 people figured the costume out on their own. I spent most of the time telling people “It’s not a sweater! She’s a man-killing robot!!” It’s okay that people didn’t get it; our Doctor Who obsession is kind of our own inside joke and it was still fun! Now onto the Halloween Ball! ZuZu and Roma are attending Mollie & Misaki’s Howl-o-ween Ball as the Doctor & the Dalek. Dr Who & the defeated Dalek You can head to Mollie’s for Best Dressed (we are #46) or Misaki’s for Most Original Costume (we are #48) and Scariest Costume (also #48)!  I think being defeated by The Doctor is pretty scary, wouldn’t you?mail.google.com_ There are so many great costumes I can’t even begin to pick a favorite…even with my own among them. We don’t care if we win; we just had a blast making the picture. Let me show you how it went. First I snagged a SOLO cup from work to use as the fez. Then cut out a bowtie from cardboard paper and taped it to an old collar. Chubbs loves wearing things around her neck but we had some trouble keeping the hat on her. So we decided to see how Roma fared. She hated the hat and will not even move if she has a collar on. I managed to get a couple with the hat on her but getting her, hat & bowtie, near the dog proved to be a challenge. Not happening mom Uhh...the cat looks scary While I was chasing the cat through the house trying to rescue the bowtie Wayne put fishing line through the hat to keep it on their head. Chubbs didn’t mind once we put it on her again. Getting her to sit still was difficult. Most of the pictures turned out like this. Whoa, closeup Or this. Doctor profile Chubbs is the Doctor This was the closest we got Chubbs to ZuZu while both were in costume. It actually turned out okay because it looks like Zu is scared and defeated…which she was with the scary cat being so near. Defeat I ended up using a picture of Roma sneaking up behind ZuZu while she was wearing her costume then photo shopped them into the Dalek spaceship to get the final picture. I have a few other pictures from our BowWowvania day that I’ll be posting on 168 Hours so be sure to check them out! Have a safe & happy Halloween!


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