Oh How I Love November

And I really do! The months of fall are my favorite and each month has a holiday deserving of celebration. 🙂

I hope everyone enjoyed Zu’s Halloween Challenge. We certainly had a blast sharing it with you! Now that Halloween season is over (*sheds tear*) we’ve ditched the festive theme and are going with a more sophisticated look. I haven’t finished customizing it yet so you might see more changes over the month.

Every year, like most people, I list the things I’m thankful for. I usually post what I’m thankful for on that particular day as opposed to the overall things I’m thankful for. For example I was sick last year in November so I was thankful for Kleenex and cough drops.

With the exception of Black & White Sunday and updating the Thankful List I’m going to be absent this weekend. After 31 days of blogging I need a little break. There are no big things happening in November so I might take the time to come up with a Christmas blog challenge. Again, if anyone is interested let me know or has ideas to add to a daily challenge send them my way!

Before I go I would like to bestow our thanks to Jessica & Taylor at Life Embarked for participating with us. To show our appreciation I’m giving them our Thanks Badge!

Zu's Halloween Challenge thanks

Have a safe & fun weekend! Until the next time we meet!


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