Christmas Cards Anyone?

Christmas card 2012

I love when Christmas rolls around and I can make the year’s Christmas card. We always do a photo card that features the furry ones. Each year there’s a theme and I spend time making a list of ideas for pictures. This card was last year’s featuring the good – sweet ZuZu, the bad – the garland eating KF’s, and the furry – my bearded husband.

This year I’m really excited because I get to use my new Nikon and I recently purchased a clicker for it. This means the pictures won’t include me rushing to get back into the frame after setting the timer.

Our cards were supposed to be ready to go this week but due to an allergic reaction (thanks to a kiss from my peanut butter eating husband) I spent the last week looking like I got punched in the lip so I’ve had to postpone pictures. We’ll probably take them early this week and have cards ready to be sent off soon.

If you would like to receive one send me your info either via or the contact form below! Or if you would rather get a card electronically via email I’d be happy to do that too.


6 thoughts on “Christmas Cards Anyone?

  1. I can’t wait to see your card! How fun. And… ZuZu’s mom, is your name Ruby or Robbie? I’m so confused! All I know is you live in Fort Collins and work in Longmont… (where?)

    • Sorry for the confusion!! My actual name is Robbie but Ruby is the nickname some of my friends use. When I first started blogging I didn’t know where I was going with it so I used that instead. I work at the police/fire department in Longmont as a dispatcher, which was another reason I started with the nickname. I talked more about work in the beginning and didn’t want to associate the blog/work too much. I’ve since decided I don’t care, lol.

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