Crepes the Movie Star

First of all apologies are in order to Crepes who I accidentally deemed a man cat the other day. Sorry Crepes! I hope you can forgive me of my gender transgression 🙂 I really should have known better; our Chubbs often gets mistaken for a boy cat. She’s not very feminine and acts the complete opposite of a lady cat. And it doesn’t help that she loves to wear ties and bandannas.

Second, if you guys haven’t seen the video “Catalogue” which stars Lady Crepes as The Cat In The Fridge you definitely need to check it out. It was written by Crepes momFOD Alana and entered into the Catdance Film Festival. It is hilarious and really should have won!


6 thoughts on “Crepes the Movie Star

  1. Our Dinnermintz is always mistaken for a male because she is Ginger cat 🙂 even vets who haven’t met her get surprised 🙂 happens all the time..funny how we assume a gender with animals 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

  2. thanks!!Gosh, I wish I’d seen this earlier. My email stopped loading and I just discovered it today. Also, yes, thank you for correcting my lady ness. 🙂 – Crepes.

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