Christmas Challenge Day 5: What’s Your Tree Type?

Real or Artificial?

We always go for the real variety. When we first got married we had a hideous Charlie Brown artificial tree that was white. During one of our many moves we lost part of it so we had to get rid of it. We’ve thought about buying another one, there are some very nice artificial trees that I would love to own. Right now we don’t have a lot of extra room to store one so we stick to the real ones. Next Christmas I would love to have a large real one and a couple smaller artificial ones to put around the house.

I’m not sure what has happened over the last couple of year’s but we have slowly dwindled our light supply. Last year all we had was red, white and blue. It was only after we decorated that we realized how patriotic the tree looked. This year our blue strand seems to have died during the year so all we were left with was a tiny strand of white and one really long red. We didn’t really feel like heading to Walmart to purchase more (we were also a few adult egg nogs in…) so our tree is a little sparse in the light department.

Tree 2013

That’s okay though because we have our TARDIS lights!


We also have a Dalek keeping watch over the tree and the TARDIS making a quick escape. These were our 2013 ornaments to each other.

DW Ornaments

Our tree has no theme to it. It has all sorts of sci-fi; Doctor Who ornaments, R2-D2, reindeer in a lightsaber battle. We also have plenty of sport ornaments but the cute kind. A snowman wearing a Green Bay Packers scarf, a tiny snowman sitting on a Wisconsin Badgers football. There’s a pickle. A Starbucks cup. A WWF wrestling ball. A disco ball. We love to collect ornaments so each year we have to decide what makes the tree and what stays in the box. That’s why I want a couple other trees next year. I have a few boxes of beautifully matching ornaments that don’t quite fit with our ramshackle theme.

Okay, your turn. Tell me about your tree!

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10 thoughts on “Christmas Challenge Day 5: What’s Your Tree Type?

  1. I love our tree. I got it years ago at Big Lots for about $20. It stands about five feet tall, it’s kinda skinny, but the colors of all the bulbs on it really makes it beautiful and brings it together. I love the glow from the lights, as I sit and watch it (like it’s going to do something) in amazement. I have not added much over the years to it, except a box of aqua colored bulbs this year and lots of my salt dough ornaments that I made last year, and a few of the Sculpey Clay ones I made this year. It is the perfect tree, special in every way.

  2. I love your ramshackle tree! And I’ll have to tell my BFF about your tardis and dalek. She’ll flip. She just made a dalek in her ceramics class. (not for tree hanging however). I still haven’t written mine yet, it will most certainly be less dramatic than yesterday’s!

  3. Before marriage it was always artificial due to traveling plans after Christmas. After marriage, I had a real tree for 4 years–and always had pneumonia by the time Christmas got here. After an allergist told us about bringing molds into the house on real trees, we went artificial. I guess the theme of our tree would be the Grinch and UTennessee sports. Lenox makes yearly collection ornaments in those, and my parents always give them to us every year.

  4. that is a cute tree,mine is artifical tree but a very good one I buy new baubles glass one every so often as I lose some of my original ones which are what is left from when I was very little and belonged to my dad,the nativity I have under the tree is from then too nearly forty years old,xx Rachel

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