Best Gift Ever Received ~ Day 11

I’ve really had to think about this one because we don’t do a lot of gift giving in my family. We don’t need a lot of things and what we do want we usually buy throughout the year. Lately I’ve asked that money that would have been spent on us be put into our house fund instead. I also am one of those weird people that hates to open gifts in front of people.

I like to give gifts that have thought, sentimentality and a little personality in them. I like the idea of gift giving but the thought of having to go from store to store to find something is exhausting.

When it comes to receiving I like practical gifts; things I can use day to day. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, I prefer to pick out my own clothes/shoes/etc, and I don’t need a new car (but if anyone wanted to buy me a Mercedes I wouldn’t refuse them 😉 ). It took Wayne a while to figure this out. A few years ago for my birthday he bought me a Dyson vacuum cleaner and to this day I still consider it the best gift he ever got me. Then again he did propose to me a week before Christmas so if we want to get sentimental that would be the best gift I ever got. Sadly the ring he gave me 9 years ago is not the same one I wear today. One of the prongs broke and the jeweler said I would need an entirely new band because mine couldn’t be fixed. The cost of buying a new band, having the diamonds removed and reset can be a bit pricey so I opted against fixing it right away.

Anyway back to the actual question at hand. My all time favorite Christmas gift was a basketball hoop my parents gave my sister and I when we were kids. I remember being so excited and couldn’t believe we had to wait to put it up! It was just the hoop so my dad painted us a backboard to put on one of the sheds. It was so much fun! Many games of Around the World and HORSE were played there. The hoop is no longer up. The wash house where it hung so proudly has since been transitioned into a open-air porch/gazebo. But the memories will always be with me!

Let’s hear about your favorite gifts!

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14 thoughts on “Best Gift Ever Received ~ Day 11

  1. Hi Ruby, sorry to hear about the ring. That’s a really sad thing to happen…
    Oh, and our favorite gifts? Treats, catnip, bouncing balls… oh, and did we already mention treats? 😉

    Have a PURRFECT day! ❤
    Kitty hugs, Roxy & Tigerlino

  2. Best gift ever was my camera for my xmas gift ever….was a cheap perfume I got as a was called Aquamarine…I can still smell it…made me feel so special…hugs Fozziemum xx

    • A camera is a great gift…the one I have now I bought myself but I considered it a gift…from myself, lol. I loved getting perfumes as a kid, it made me feel so grown up. Sometimes I want to go looking for a few to see if they’re still made and buy some so I can reminisce. 🙂

  3. A basketball hoop is a wonderful gift… so many hours of play packed into one thing. I’m sorry about your ring. 😦 I would be happy with a functional gift if I also got something romantic. 😉

    • I’m horrible at basketball but I always would pretend I was a superstar, lol. My husband can be spontaneously romantic so I think that’s why I’m okay with practical gifts. Valentine’s Day is the one day where I accept the traditional gifts.

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