Day 12 ~ Over the river and through the woods

Do you travel for the holidays or stay home?

I mentioned on Day 9 that we don’t have a lot of time to travel for the holidays and often stay home. When we do travel we usually drive so ZuZu can come with us but the weather between Colorado and Iowa tends to be unpredictable in December/January which makes traveling a hassle. When Wayne was promoted he took on the task of overseeing inventory for his department every 27th of the month so while he has Christmas Day off he’s usually really busy the following days. We decided then that traveling for the holidays wasn’t going to happen very often. We’re pretty jinxed when it comes to any type of traveling so we’re pretty okay staying home. I’ve listed just a few of our Christmas jinxes below.

  • The first Christmas after moving to Colorado we drove back to Iowa. The day we had planned to come back a blizzard shut down the Interstate for 2 days. The normal 10 hour drive back to the mountains took us 15 and we saw 64 1/2 cars in the ditch. And yes I mean 1/2, there was only parts of one scattered about. Since the speeds were around 30 miles for a good portion of Nebraska, ZuZu spent a lot of time hanging her head out the window.
  • A few years ago my pregnant sister-in-la was due in early January. We happened to have the week of Christmas off but decided that we would fly back in January so we could see the new baby. As luck would have it she went into labor early and on Christmas Eve our nephew was born. On our return trip a snow storm in Denver stranded us in Iowa for hours. We ended up getting a really late flight back with only 30 people on board the 737. Everyone was given a specific seat to even out the weight of the plane. The landing was extremely turbulent (more than usual for the Rockies), there were so many snow plows lining the runway it looked like daylight.
  • Two years ago we had planned a nice quiet day at home in Colorado but there was a death in my husband’s family the week before Christmas. We had a few days to get back so I scheduled ZuZu for a day at Camp Bow Wow so she’d be exhausted by the time we were going to leave. It ended up snowing that day so between the snow and spending the day playing with her buddies she was so excited she spent hours wiggling around in the back seat. On car trips she spends a lot of time nose squished against the window, staring out at the fields of Nebraska. We do a lot of our drives at night so when it gets dark and there’s nothing to see she finally falls asleep.

Zu loves when we travel back because she has free roam of the 2 acre yard at my parents. Her dog cousins keep her pretty busy as well as donkeys and chickens. She spends so much time running that this is usually how she spends the trip back.
Tuckered Zu

What are your holiday travel plans? Any misadventures in past years?

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12 thoughts on “Day 12 ~ Over the river and through the woods

  1. Wow, where do we start…telling you how adorable that photo is, of course. We have had some horrendous trips. Two weeks in El Paso after the engine in our foreign car blew up on the way home from California for Christmas and New Year. (This story, which has much more to it, maybe should be shared on our blog.) Hours spent on the side of the highway (before cell phones) with a please call police sign and no one stopping on the eve of Thanksgiving and having to take the “Big Grey Dog” home the next day. My pawrents driving to my step brother’s house two states away for Christmas, my dad getting really stressed out and dying the day after Christmas of a massive heart attack. I think I’m glad we are staying home and I can tell you all are glad you are doing so as well. Ho, Ho, Ho, Janet

    • What horrible trips. What is it about traveling & holidays that invites such trouble? Being stranded on the side of the road just sucks. It’s amazing how different it is now with cell phones though. I’m so sorry to hear about your dad, that’s so terrible. My condolences to you. Here’s hoping your holidays this year are nice and quiet!

  2. We have always stayed home for Christmas, all of our family comes here Christmas day every year…sort of a tradition. Although after boxing day, my mom usually go to Jamaica for 2 months or so!
    (((hugz))) from “love is being owned by a husky”

    • Having your family over sounds like a great tradition! Hopefully you like hosting though 😉 I think going to Jamaica sounds like a wonderful way to de-stress after the holidays, I’m jealous!!

  3. Oh my… I’ve certainly had my share of driving in blizzard stories (I’m from Colorado myself). Luckily we didn’t have any disastrous Christmas times that I can recall. I do remember once that I traveled to my Mom and Dad’s house from Tucson to Boulder. It was going to be for a week and I didn’t have the cash to board my then cat Bast or to get a motel on the way. So Bast and I stopped at a rest stop so I could sleep for a few hours… I remember we cuddled up under a bunch of blankets I’d brought. There is nothing quite so lovely as having a cat curled up in your arms as you sleep.

    • That’s such a sweet story! I definitely agree about a snuggly cat curling up with you! I look forward to that every morning when I get off work. It must be great living in California now and not having to worry about driving through blizzards anymore!

  4. always stay home though one year I took hubby to the state’s to visit my dad and Step mum,we flew on christmas day it was wet here in the uk had been for 3 months striaght got to the US and I was so cold with snow on the ground but sunny the rivers were frozen solid,and then a few days late we had 2ft of of my best christmas’s,xx Rachel

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