Christmas Challenge Day 16: What’s On Top Of Your Tree?

Before I get into today’s post can I just say I can’t believe it’s the 16th already!! I’m only a little prepared which isn’t unusual at all. Procrastination should have been my middle name. 🙂

Back to the topic at hand. What’s on your tree top? When I say this question out loud I can’t help but say it like the Capital One phrase “What’s in your wallet?” You should try it. What’s on your tree top? Anyway. We have a star that lights up and is covered in gold garland. We probably got it at Walmart for one of our first Christmases. I don’t really like it and the picture below is not flattering at all. I always forget about buying a new one until we’re decorating the tree and remember we don’t like it.


I’m going to try and remember to buy a new one before this holiday season is over or maybe find one when the Christmas decorations go on sale. A friend did her tree in all Broncos colors this year and even though I’m not a fan of them team I have to admit her tree looks pretty awesome. She couldn’t find a matching tree topper so she was planning on making her own out of a Broncos Santa hat. I suppose I could be crafty and make my own. I’m sure Pinterest has plenty of ideas just waiting for me to find.

What’s at the top of your tree? A star, an angel, a cat?

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Stay tuned this week for an interview with Crepes!

15 thoughts on “Christmas Challenge Day 16: What’s On Top Of Your Tree?

  1. I have a star with sort of a hollow center and it’s red and sparkly….I have to admit the same as you lol….I dont like it, and have been meaning to get a new one, and never think to until it’s to late! Grrr! lol
    I had an angel a couple years ago, my mother gave to me, and it was her mothers……sadly it got ruined ion a box that was put in storage when we moved……my poor mother, not entirely happy about that although neither was I.
    We have used this star ever since….definitely time to replace it! (((hugz))) from your Husky Pals at “love is being owned by a husky”

    • Maybe having an ugly topper should be a new Christmas tradition since of many of us have them, lol! I’m so sorry the angel was ruined! I always worry that something will happen to my favorite ornaments in storage.

  2. After years of not putting anything on the top of the tree I finally found a topper I like. It is a rustic metal star that reminds you of Matt Dillon’s star on GunSmoke. Also since I bought it in December it was 50% off.

    • I like the sound of that topper. I think a metal start like that would be something I would like…I should go out now and see if I can find any on sale!

  3. My grandma gave me a beautiful angel for our tree, but because I moved last year and half of my things are in storage, I can’t find it. It’s making me very sad and I hope that I can locate her and put her up there. For now, we have a little star with Doodle’s face on it, just below the top because it’s sa bit small. 🙂 – Alana.

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