Christmas Challenge Day 17: Favorite Holiday Food

I thought this question would be easy because I love food so much but it’s actually been difficult to pick a favorite holiday food. I think I would have to say prime rib is my favorite even though it can be made anytime of the year. We only make it around the Christmas season so I consider it a holiday food.

Then there are frosted sugar cookies. Yum! They are the best. So delicious. Sadly this year I’m not making any because of the amount of sweets that will be in our house. We’re having an ugly sweater party this weekend and there will be far too many desserts without me adding any of my own.

And while it’s not a food I love egg nog with just a little bit of nutmeg sprinkled on top!

What are your favorite foods and/or drinks?

Also there’s no linkup today. Today’s post is being brought to you from the DMV. It’s that time of year to pay car tags and once again I couldn’t pay online and had to make the trek to the courthouse.

12 thoughts on “Christmas Challenge Day 17: Favorite Holiday Food

  1. Boy oh boy, our favorite holiday (or anytime for that matter) are my Graham Cracker Bars! When I first tasted these goodies, I just had to get the recipe! It was the BEST dessert I have ever tasted! IF ANYONE WANTS THE RECIPE, head on over to Nikitaland and all you have to do is ask me! (I like sharing)

  2. I love my grandma’s xhrusty. I’m not sure how to spell that in English. хрусти in Ukrainian. They’re twisted, deep-fried sugared crunchy things. So good. I miss them a lot. – Alana.

  3. Thank you for not doing a link up! I’m behind by one post already, lol. I will be doing yesterday’s post soon, since I have a nice one, but I’ll skip today and just put it here in the comments. My fave food is a candy. I don’t eat a lot of candy (and don’t eat wheat so lots of holiday foods are off my list). Pumpkin pie is a Thanksgiving yummy. I LOVE Buttercrunch Toffee Bark . If I’m going to go into a sugar coma… I’m doing it with this! Here is a recipe: You can’t go wrong with dark chocolate, almonds and butter!

    • I was so behind on yesterday’s post which is why it was written at the DMV. I usually don’t eat a lot of candy either but there are a few things around the holidays that I just love. That recipe looks amazing! I’ll have to keep on my list and maybe make for Valentine’s Day…I have way too many sweets coming my way this week.

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