Christmas Day 18: Under the tree

Roma cat
Today’s challenge post is coming later because I wanted people to focus more on the two earlier posts.

When do you put gifts under the tree?

We usually don’t put gifts under the tree until around this time of the month, right before Christmas. If there should be anything perishable in it ZuZu will get a hold of it and rip it open. The crinkle of the wrapping paper lures the cats in like moths to a flame and we usually end up with lots of tiny bite marks or they use it as a scratching post.

This wasn’t a present but it’s an example of what happens when ZuZu gets near food on the floor. Silly me left hamburger buns in a bag near the kitchen table and while we were gone she knocked the bag over and absconded with the buns.
Guilty dog

Sadly our tree is a little lacking this year. There are lots of little presents under the tree…and they’re all for me! Due to my habit of procrastination Wayne’s gifts have yet to be purchased. I still have 6 days…..

Presents under the tree

Most presents for people have to be shipped so there are several boxes sitting in the back of the tree. They’ve become napping places for the cats. I’m pretty sure I have to go through everything again to get the cat fur off the presents.

Luckily I’m only looking for some small fun things. Wayne is an archer and found a very nice bow last month that he really wanted. He just had to have it. Archery is not a cheap hobby so I told him if he wanted to get it this close to Christmas that it would count as his present and we could just do little things and stocking stuffers.

All three 4-legged ones have their own stocking and I’ll start putting their gifts in them soon. We usually buy all of them a few new toys and discard the old ratty ones. Then we just take some of their old toys to use as filler in the stocking. The stockings hang off a mantle which drives the kitties nuts! There is always catnip inside and a bell or two so we often find them just staring up at the stockings. Occasionally they take turns jumping on the mantle to bat at it from above. On Christmas eve we let them loose to “open” their gifts.

Are your gifts already under the tree or does Santa bring them on Christmas eve?


8 thoughts on “Christmas Day 18: Under the tree

  1. We don’t put anything under the tree till Xmas eve!!! 2 reasons……we have a toddler who would love nothing more then to rip open every one of them!!! And 2 huskies and 3 cats that would have their crack at it to!!
    ((Hugz)) drum your husky pals!

  2. Since Mom is still trying to get the tree decorated, no telling when gifts will go under it. She usually has hers under about a week before Christmas, but Dad doesn’t even wrap his until Christmas Eve. Some items have already gone into our stockings, however. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  3. Dogs always have a thing for sticking their nose in somebody else’s buns! At least it wasn’t something more expensive. It has got to be a hoot watching the cats going nuts over those stockings 🙂

  4. ZuZu, if the humans don’t want me to grab the buns then why do they put them so close to the edge of the shelf? ~Cooper (Meghan here… I’m posting a blog this morning to catch up with the challenge days I’ve missed all week!)

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