Getting to know Crepes: An interview with the lady of the month

Since the Christmas challenge has been less about the creatures and more about me I thought it would be fun to interview Lady Crepes about her Christmas favorites. The Kitty Fantasticas had some input too. Enjoy!

What’s your favorite part about Christmas?
My favorite part about Christmas is the boxes. And the paper. There are paper and boxes everywhere to get in and crinkle. Love it. Also, the Tree. And the flashy snowmen. I think I just love everything about Christmas!

Christmas boxes and paper are the best! We are fascinated by twinkling lights too…

Do you get lots of presents under the tree?
I do get lots of gifts under the tree! For my first Christmas, momFOD opened up a big sack and yelled “it’s a new car!!!” and I had a beautiful new pink carrier all for myself. But then dadFOD one upped her gift and gave her a diamond ring.  A lot of the time, my FODs get gifts and then they wad up the paper and throw it for me. I’m cool with that.

A new car just for you? Wow, that’s awesome. I’m not sure a diamond ring beats that but that’s just a cat’s perspective. 😉 We’re with you on wadded paper. We don’t even wait for it to be tossed; we just jump up and grab it!

What’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten?
A home. I was dadFOD’s most wished for gift of Christmas, 2011. So MomFOD paid the adoption fee as part of his present. I guess they didn’t realize that I was the one getting the best gift of all.

A home is a wonderful gift! They really did get the best gift of all. You’re such a thoughtful cat, Crepes, to have this as your best gift.

Do you get any special food/treats for the holidays?
Nope! Cause then I’d get fat.

Very smart this time of year. We should all keep that in mind.

I know 3 paws doesn’t slow you down, so have you ever tried to climb up the Christmas tree?
Of course! I climb lots of things. I’m actually an amazing climber and jumper. If there were special kitty olympics, I’d win a gold for sure.

Wow, gold! You must be really, really good. We might need to create a Kitty Olympics just so we can see you participate!

>Do you and your family have a tradition for Christmas eve/day?
Yes! MomFOD is from a Ukrainian family, so Christmas eve is very important. It’s been a little different since her Baba (who I never met) passed away three years ago, but momFOD tries to keep up the tradition. She makes a special vegetarian meal including borscht and pirohy. At night, she lights a candle and leaves a bit of food for each loved one that she misses so all her passed away relatives can come and eat from her table, too. I’m not allowed to touch the candle. Or nibble the food. She’s so strict!

That’s a wonderful tradition, especially light a candle for your loved ones. We don’t know a lot about Ukrainian traditions, it’s so neat to hear about something other than milk & cookies.
P.S. No nibbles at all? That is strict! 
Thank you Crepes for sharing a little bit about your Christmas. For everyone else go check out Crepes’ Dear Santa list. I’m pretty sure there are some things you guys can get for her!

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