Christmas Challenge Day 23 ~ Christmas Eve tradition

What’s your Christmas Eve tradition?

I think I mentioned a little bit of my family tradition in a few earlier posts. In my family we have lots of tiny foods and appetizers that we snack on all day then we play games all night. For myself and Wayne we have found that our own tradition has become a little different. It all depends on what day it falls on. We both have the day off this year so we’ll get up mid-morning and eat a breakfast of holiday goodies that have been given to us. We’ll put on A Christmas Story and get out some games. In the evening we’ll go to the Christmas Eve candlelight service at church then come home and make dinner. We have started making prime rib on Christmas Eve. Since there are only the two of us we don’t make a lot of appetizers because there would be too much food left over. Of course the creatures enjoy this because it means they’ll get tidbits. Usually it’s Lil’ Smokies and ham roll-ups with prime rib. Very classy 🙂 

All the gifts are wrapped and under the tree along with the stockings. I didn’t get around the putting the stocking hangars up so under the tree they went. The cats have been loving it because both of their stockings have bells on them. We will probably open them after dinner unless we fall asleep early…which is happening more often these days.

Share your holiday traditions below!

Today is the last day of the Christmas Challenge! I’ll have a post about the whole thing but since most of us will be busy celebrating it will be published later this week! The kit kats and Zu have a holiday post scheduled for Christmas morning but to anyone who is gone for the next few days we wish you a Merry Christmas!

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6 thoughts on “Christmas Challenge Day 23 ~ Christmas Eve tradition

  1. Hey Ruby, our humans spend the evening with their family eating traditional dishes. After dinner they usually open the presents which have magically appeared under the tree while they were eating… 😉 Well… we guess Santa put them there, but we’ve never seen him do that… but we set up cameras this year to catch him in the act, hehe… 😉

    We wish you a PURRFECT Christmas! Have a wonderful time! 😀

    xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino

  2. When we had kids we would get together with our relo’s at my grandmas house ..Pandy..the name I gave her as the first grandchild as I couldn’t say granny or grandma so it became Pandy…to everyone …I mean everyone haha..we did this until she died at the age of 99.9….families change and now hubby and I spend Christmas eve at home with the pups the cats and a pile of prep for the family onslaught here….usually laughin at Griswald Christmas nightmares …call us Juvenile 😉 hugs Fozziemum xx

  3. We don’t have many traditions for Christmas eve but we always take the dogs for a walk on the beach on Christmas morning and if the weather is good, stay and have a picnic of champagne and oysters. Happy Christmas!

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