Walking through January

It’s National Walk Your Dog month! I had actually forgotten about that until I checked my email the other day and saw at least 4 people writing about it. It just happened I took Zu out on a long walk the other day. The weather was beautiful and I was feeling guilty about that fact that her routine has been a mess this past year. At the beginning of the year I ditched the night life and returned to the land of the living at work. It’s been a wonderful change to be home at night and I’m hoping this is a chance to get our walking/running routine back in order.

Ready to go

The trail going west behind our house has been closed due to construction but they finally opened it a few weeks ago. It’s one of my favorite routes, especially since going east every day gets a little boring. There is a new retaining wall for the railroad tracks above the trail but I didn’t get any pictures of it. It looks really nice…maybe next time. We came through the tunnel under the tracks and found that the trail was completely gone.

Where's the trail

Not knowing exactly where to go I decided to follow the dirt road that is parallel to the original trail. The road ended so we traipsed through the dirt on what used to be the path. Eventually I found the trail again and realized that the city had changed it to meet up with another trail near the tracks…where I had started. I’m sure the woman walking the path in front of me was wondering why I had diverted.

Different trail

We made our way along, Zu sniffing everything in sight while I tried to keep her from eating all the goose poop. As we rounded a corner we found where all the geese seem to be spending their winter. We trekked into the dead weeds to take a few pictures.

Wintering geese
Gazing at geese

Can't look away

The rest of the journey was uneventful. We passed a couple dogs and I was very impressed with ZuZu’s reaction. She tends to bark and jump at other dogs so lately we’ve been working a lot on controlling that urge. Right now she wears a harness because I don’t want the leash pulling on her neck but I’m considering changing to a gentle lead. My friend trains dogs and suggested I try that instead of the harness.

As usual we stopped for a quick roll in the snow. It always makes me smile how happy she gets in the snow.
Quick break

Rolled off the snow

Done rolling

When she was content we trekked on, annoying some geese on our way.

Riling up the geese

The weather is supposed to be beautiful for the next week so we’ll be trying to get a few more walks in the commemorate the month!

10 thoughts on “Walking through January

  1. Beautiful photographs! I took the dogs for a nice walk to our park the other day when it was nice too. I love it that Zu loves to roll around in the snow too, because Nikita does that all the time too!

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