All the dogs’ noses

This month has gone by so fast and I’ve only posted a few times! We’ve resumed our house search so I get on the computer with intentions of blogging but end up surfing the property site for houses instead.  Even if I’ve already looked at the house before chances are I’ll end up looking at it again to see if maybe I missed something to first time.

There’s not a lot of purpose to this post other than to check in and share a really cute video. I get weekly/monthly newsletters from a couple breed groups on the Pack site. Are you guys a part of it?  It’s a fun way to meet and follow other dogs/dog lovers. I don’t do as much with it as I could mostly because it’s easier to log in through the computer. They need an easy to use app. Anyway this week the Australian Shepherd group shared this video.

I love how some dogs get right in the camera while others back up like “whoa, what is happening?” I love dog noses so I’ve watched this a couple times already. 🙂

As I end this I’ll just share a little tip with you. Never leave Mod Podge uncapped on the floor with a dog running around. Chances are it will end up spilled all over your dog, floor, couch, bed and anywhere else the dog wanders before you realize any of this has happened. But on the bright side the FURminator does wonders to get glue out of long-haired dogs.


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