Oh What A Mess

I posted this on Instagram yesterday but it was too cute to not share here too. This was before the Mod Podge Incident, as it shall hence be known. It’s also a serious example of how my mind works; skipping from task to task, thought to thought. I woke up yesterday thinking “I need to get a cover back on the couch” and while I was contemplating which one to use I look over to see Zu and Chubbs staring longingly out the porch doors. Feeling sorry for them I deviated from my task and let them out. While I was out there I decided to shovel off the snow. When I was done I spotted the humidifier and decided to relocate it to the living room. It was then I circled back and saw Zu watching me over the arm of the couch. I cleaned up her mess, hastily threw on the first coverlet I found and no sooner had I finished when I came in to find her happily resting on the couch again. This is what I get for letting my animals on the furniture. Luckily all the muddy paw prints came out!

What a mess


7 thoughts on “Oh What A Mess

  1. My couch looks like it has been handcrafted by ancient tatters…I kinda give up…4 cats 2 dogs ….and countless foster kittens have left a story on my couch….:) hugs Fozziemum …Pee Ess Zu does look cute though 😉

  2. I love your story of how one thing led to another. I’ve given up on that count, things have a way of getting done whatever order they are in. But you had pretty cute consequences! At least it wasn’t grease or paint! 😉

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