Nine days to the A-Z!

We’re down to 8 days left in March! Which means in 9 days the A-Z Challenge will begin! Last year I ended up posting about A LOT of animals so this year I decided to make animals and pets my theme. I’ve had some fun adventures preparing for a few letters and am looking forward to sharing about some of my childhood pets.

I will admit I’m stumped on a few letters but sometimes the last minute posts are the best. If you haven’t signed up for it there’s still time and lots of people to help you get through the month!

Now on to other things. A couple weeks ago I donated to Nikita & Bella’s fundraiser for the Pledge for Pets Fundraiser. It goes until May 2 and ends with a live radiothon from Cleveland. It’s an awesome way to help pets, every dollar goes a long way to helping a pet living in the shelter. The link above or the picture below will get you to their page. Right now they’ve raised $835 which is awesome!


From now until next Tuesday I’ll probably be back to my blog hiatus while I prepare for April BUT you’ll see me every day in April so enjoy the peace while it lasts. 🙂


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