Arthur’s Rock

Today is the start of the A-Z Challenge! I know you’ve all been waiting for this moment. 🙂 I have actually been looking forward to it because I need to get back into the routine of blogging regularly. And I’m excited to share some fun adventures, pictures and general random-ness with you guys! So without furthur ado here is A!

A is for…

Arthur’s Rock 

(Warning: There are A LOT of pictures in this post. 🙂 )

A couple weeks ago Wayne and I took ZuZu on our first hike of the year! It was the first day of spring so it seemed fitting to get out into nature for a few hours. We hiked Arthur’s Rock which is located in Lory State Park. It’s a 15 minute drive from our house into the foothills.  It’s a moderately easy hike for a dog and people. The weather was gorgeous and Zu happily enjoyed the breeze on the drive through the reservoir.

On our way!

At the start

Which way?



We had to trek through mud for a while. The snow has melted, soaking into the dirt trail.  ZuZu was a bit of a diva to start, hopping over the mud holes and trotting on the side to avoid getting her paws dirty.

Muddy, muddy
Once we started climbing the switchbacks the trail became more rock and less mud. The downside to that was the snow was in the shade so it hadn’t melted and was a little icy. The first patch of snow we came across ZuZu forgot her diva status and began rolling like her life depended on it. From then on she was content to be dirty.

Just rollin' around

Family photo opFamily photo op

My cuties

Once we were through the first half mile the trail opened up to a open area where you have a great view of Arthur’s Rock. We passed several people with dogs on during the hike. There were probably 10-15 people/groups at various parts of the trail at the same time as us and only a few didn’t have dogs.

Arthur's Rock

Since the snow is melting there were several spots with flowing water but during the hotter summer months they will be more scarce. ZuZu played in a few on the way up but once we were past the clearing the rest of the trail is dry and we were in the full sun so we stopped at the scenic overlook to hydrate.

Always stay hydrated!

View of Arthur's Rock from overlook

Scenic Overlook

From there the summit is another half mile. When we got to the bottom there was a group coming down with a dog so we hopped over to the side to give them room to pass. When we had the summit to ourselves Zu was anxious to jump the rocks and get to the top.

Arthur's Rock Summit

Bottom of the summit

At the top there are great views of Fort Collins and the surrounding state parks.
FC from the top
Together at the top

We found a spot near the snow for ZuZu. She was content to lay in the snow until we got our snacks out and suddenly being right at our sides was more important.

ZuZu...always near the snow


The jackets and sweaters we had shed on the way were immediately put back on due to the wind. We spent 45 minutes at the top, having lunch and just enjoying the views.

Zu & Rubes

Stay up or go down?Debating whether she wants to roll in snow or stay and eat more snacks

Climbing down the summit

Over the bridge

Our trip down took about an hour. We had plans for the evening or we might have explored a few more of the trails. I can’t wait to get out on more. I have a couple planned for the coming weeks. Since my surgery I’ve needed shoes with a better soles, especially for hiking and climbing so I’ve now got the perfect excuse to buy new hiking shoes!


32 thoughts on “Arthur’s Rock

    • Being outdoors is a favorite in our house. I’m so glad it’s finally spring and nice out so we can go outside! Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Absolutely awesome photographs! Wayne has my sweatshirt on! I wish we had a place like this for exploring, because your post makes me want to go take a hike now! I tell ya, Zu definitely is Nikita’s sister for sure because she looks just like her! ❤

  2. What a beautiful hike! We went snowshoeing on the first day of spring. I can’t believe Zu did that steep rocky slope! She is a hiking professional!

    • I’ve always wanted to go snowshoeing, that sounds like so much fun! One of these days… She really is a pro and makes it look so easy while I’m wheezing behind her. Lol!

    • A hike is a great way to kick off the challenge! We’ll probably have snow in the mountains until June which should make ZuZu really happy!

  3. Wow I’m scrolling through your pictures (hiking with you) and thinking “that looks a lot like Colorado; kinda bland rocks and little plots of crusted snow”, then suddenly “Fort Collins” appears on my screen. I’m in Arvada (west of Denver; south of Boulder) next to the foothills!! It is a small world – I can travel to Malaysia and Sweden and Australia and Fort Collins all in one day, thanks to A to Z – without jet lag or lost luggage!! Good job on participating in A to Z. We all need the writing discipline of these kinds of commitments.

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