Sojo’s Treat Review

For February I received the Sojo’s Peanut Butter & Jelly treats to review for Chewy.


I know it’s April and technically I should have published this in March. I was trying to finish the box of treats before writing the review. Next thing I realized it’s the middle of March and I still had 1/4 of the box left! I skipped getting treats in March because I was behind with this one. It seemed fitting though that I publish this on National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day!

For the most part I loved them because they have a good list of ingredients. And by good list I mean a short list of natural ingredients.


oat flour, rolled oats, peanut butter, strawberries, canola oil, eggs

As usual Zu was really excited about getting a new package in the mail. She loved them for what I assume is their wonderful flavor and I loved them for the quality of ingredients and the philosophy of the company.

Sojo's treats

Zu enjoying treats


The box I received was the bite size training treats.


I gave her one or two as a treat to start but after seeing how slowly we were going through the box I changed it up a bit. I would give her a few for reward after she behaved or did something good but then I would grab a handful and go through her routine of commands and tricks. The number has started to dwindle but like I mentioned I still have 1/4 left.

I love the flavors Sojo has. For the bite size they have chicken pot pie,  blueberry cobbler, apple dumping and PB & Jelly. There are two other sizes. The next up from bite size is a medium size treat. The flavors are lamb & sweet potato, duck & cherry, bacon cheddar, PB & honey and chicken veggie. The large size is Big Dog which features beef stew and biscuits & gravy.

All the boxes of treats are the same through Chewy which I think is awesome. They’re a reasonable price

They also sell freeze dried dog & cat food, along with cans of catnip. I think I might be buying the catnip soon…

I’ve decided to make a 5-paw rating system for the rest of my reviews.

Sojo’s Peanut Butter & Jelly: 5 out 5 Paws – if they didn’t offer sizes other than bite size it would be a 4 so I’m glad they do because I really like the company. 🙂

I wouldn’t buy the bite size for regular treats again, instead I would buy the Big Dog size. If I was doing training I would definitely get one of the bite size flavors again.

While I was photographing the treats and box Roma hopped on the table to offer her help. She looks so cute I might pitch her to the company to be their new spokes-animal.

New spokesanimal

Oh Roma



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