is for DONKEYS

My parents have 3 donkeys; Pedro, Lola and Elphaba. They are pets… in the loosest form of the word. I refer to them as the donks so if you’ve ever seen me say that or in the future these guys are who I’m referring to.

Always together

A long time ago my dad said he wanted a donkey so my mom bought him one for his birthday. Her name was Josie. I used to pretend she was a horse and ride on her but she would usually only go a few feet before turning around a nipping my feet. She died years ago of a twisted gut which was really sad.  Not too long after my parents found themselves once again donkey owners. Rosie and her foal Pedro arrived and they soon found out Rosie was pregnant. Little Lola was born after how ever long it is that donkeys are pregnant.


Rosie had another foal the following June and she was named Elphaba but she’s better known as Elphie. Rosie died shortly after Elphie was born so my parents worked hard to feed the newborn donkey.

Baby donk

They are the best non-traditional pets. If you go in their pen without them noticing it isn’t long until they’re poking their head out of the barn to see what you’re up to. I find they’ve got personalities similar to dogs. They want to be loved and will follow you around, nudging you to get your attention. They don’t like when one is doing something that they aren’t a part of and will hurriedly make their way over to you and bump the other one out of the way.

Donkey kisses




Occasionally they’ll get out of their pen and my dad will have to chase them around to get them back inside.

Just the two of us

I love these guys and have so much fun hanging out with them when we’re back in Iowa. And yes, I hang out with them.  I’ll take some time each day to go to the barn and walk around with them. ZuZu is not as big a fan as I am. The video below is the first time she met them.

She doesn’t bark at them anymore but she does watch them carefully to see what moves they’re going to make. She doesn’t mind watching them from afar but usually she won’t stay with me when I go in to visit them. The idea of getting kicked is not high on anyone’s list…


13 thoughts on “Donkeys

  1. Me and Nellie would not like to met a donkey. They might make a funny noise at Us and We do not like animals that make noises for they frighten Us. Love Nellie and Jasper the two bestest maremmas in all the land.

  2. OMD!!! <– OH MY DONKEY *BOL* see what we did there? Sam says he'd like to meet a donkey. I (Wally) have heard that they kick and sometimes bite…so I'm ok with only seeing them in you post.
    Wally & Sammy

  3. Wasn’t “Donk” the name of one of the Goonies? I bet Nikita would do the same thing that Zu did – – stay a safe distance from them. Bella would probably do that too, but she would eventually walk over and give them a good sniff, then run! A donkey is something that they are not used to running into! Awesome post in all of its hee haw glory!

  4. Interesting, my pups haven’t been around a donkey before, but they have been around horses. I wonder if their reaction to donkeys would be similar to their reaction to the horses.

  5. Awww on the donkeys- especially the babies! On my way to two cleaning jobs we pass a horse farm and the little foals are starting to be born. I can’t pass up not stopping and looking at them. But these little donkeys- How adorable! I was sorry to read about their momma Rosie. I bet as babies you guys have your hands full! Loved reading your post today.

  6. I love that your parents have pet donkeys, and are so dedicated to having more! I love Zuzu’s reaction to the donkeys, and then the one just shows up and pokes it’s head out of the gate as if saying, “Hey Zu, what’s up?”

    What is the most unusual trait that donkeys have that most wouldn’t know about?

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